If there is one thing I truly love about Christmas, it is my children and how happy the season makes them. We love spending time together, from driving around to look at the lights, a trip to the tree farm in search of the perfect Christmas tree to cut down. We love to trim the tree and hang stockings while listening to carols…..

For me the best feeling out of all the hoopla and tradition is that happy feeling I get as I watch my children open their presents on Christmas morning.

In my opinion Christmas is that much better as a parent.

Let me tell ya, my husband and I lucked out in the kid department. So far *knock on wood* they’re proving to be pretty sweet and amazing kids. They’re smart, kind and of course have that touch of sarcasm and sass they inherited from me.

One thing I try to teach my kids is brutal honesty. We have something in our house called the truth circle. When we use the truth circle there are a few rules: We tell the truth, even if the other person may not want to hear it. We don’t get mad. We listen and try to understand. They know that they may be punished accordingly if admitting to something they shouldn’t have done (like hitting their sister, or trying to hide the fact they broke something) but they also know that if I catch them lying, their punishment will be harsher then it would have been had they told me the truth the first time. I like to make sure they learn that honesty is always by far the best policy.

When my daughter arrived home from school today, I pulled out her agenda and saw a note from her teacher letting us know that our six year old had written a letter to Santa and the address to the North Pole should we choose to send it.

Apparently the truth circle now extends to Santa Claus. She’s even given herself a task to complete for being naughty.

That’s my daughter!!!

We’re having a good laugh. I just had to share.

Take a look!

(I have written it out for you below the picture if you have difficulty reading her writing)



img_2711“Dear Santa,

Can I have a shopkins 12pack of season 6 chef club? Can I have a mini i-pad? I may have been good. I may have been bad. I don’t know yet. 🙂

I will clean my house.

I want my mom to have a hug. I want my dad to have a hug.




Apparently she reeeeally wants that i-Pad Mini!