I want to feel the sunshine on my face.

I want to feel the caress of the warm tropical breeze on my skin.

I want to lay half naked in a lounge chair surrounded by sand and surf,

Not caring if my body is bikini ‘friendly’ or not.

The smell of coconut sunscreen mixing with the scent of salt water and sand is euphoric.

The sounds of the waves greeting the shore will lull me to sleep.

I want to wake at dawn and take photos of the sunrise.

Sip mimosas and toast with my husband about how lucky we are.

I want to dance the salsa under the stars.

Not a care in the world.

Yet here I sit.

Drinking my coffee.

Surrounded by housework and a reality that can’t be ignored.

Real life may beckon, but my soul longs for that beach.

Screw you reality.

I want to be a snowbird.


 (All photographs taken by me on various trips to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and Varadero and Cayo Guillermo Cuba – Featured image is of me that my hubby snapped while I danced in the water in Cuba)