via Daily Prompt: Protest



They say that a dog is mans best friend.

Our boxer Otis takes this a bit too far. He isn’t just ‘best friend’ to my children, he is their protector.

His behavior has always been on the goofy side, after all he IS a boxer. (Who may be part human, part cartoon) We picked him out when he was just a week old. All the other puppies were fast asleep with their little eyes closed. Otis had his eyes closed too, but as he sat on my husbands shoulder, he was trying his hardest to move and yawn. We were actually there to see another puppy, but my husband (Who was somewhat wary about getting a dog)  pouted and said “I like this guy, he is showing personality already!”

Oh if only we knew.

Otis is now two and a half years old and he has decided that my children, HIS girls are no longer allowed to go to school.

The silly dog actually protests this on almost a daily basis.

It started innocently enough with him whining and moping around all day when they went back to school in September. Only perking up once they returned home. He was mad at me. Didn’t even want to play. Just gave me the stink eye.

It was all MY fault.

Then it happened.

One of my girls became ill, so she had to stay home. My other daughter went to school though and Otis was confused. Why was one of his kids at home, but the other left behind? This wasn’t right. He ran back and forth to the window and to my sick daughter. He was in a panic.

I went to take a shower and when I came out I discovered he had chewed up a couple of my brand new books! He actually went onto my bookshelf, pulled them down and chewed my books! Talk about hitting me where it hurts! This was brand new. He hasn’t tried destroying the house or it’s contents since he was a teething puppy!


The next week my kids pulled a switch-a-roo. Now the other was sick and her sister was back at school.

Otis went back to my bookshelf and ate more of my books!!!!

(See the pattern?)


It then escalated to him trying to stop us from putting our shoes and coats on. He would tug and tug on our shoes, grab our coat sleeves and sweaters and try his best to stop us from leaving.

Otis would then put himself between me and the kids and bark continuously at me after I told them it was time to go.

When that didn’t work he would lay down and just try to block the front door.

We’d just go out through the garage.

He was not having this.

How dare I let his kids go to school!

I returned from dropping them at the bus stop one day to find he had completely blocked the staircase and he just kept barking at me. Oh was he mad. For about five minutes he paced back and forth angrily barking (lecturing me) before he went off in a huff. I tried to reason with him and explain to him that school is mandatory but he just barked and barked in response. (Yes, I converse with my dog, I am positive he understands English)

Recently we started taking him to the bus stop with us. Anything to stop his dramatic morning antics.

You would ‘think’ that would solve the problem, and it did for a few days….until…..

After the kids got on the bus, I couldn’t get the dog to come home! What was supposed to be a two minute walk, turned into a twenty minute tug of war. He was tugging at me to follow that bus!

The next day, it happened AGAIN.


When the tug of war failed, you would think that Otis would just give up…. but no…

No he did not.

He went on a hunger strike.

That’s right.

Last week my dog went on a hunger strike.

At first I thought he wasn’t eating because he was sick. I was frantic when I heard his belly rumbling and he was ignoring table scraps. If he doesn’t want to touch a stray french fry or try to steal my meal, I know something is wrong. I texted my hubby panicking that the dog wasn’t well. In other ways he was acting normal. He wanted to play, but he wouldn’t eat or drink. Nothing I tried worked. I was going into the fridge, throwing bits of cheese, french fries, bread, usually the stuff he likes to steal from the counters and our plates,  down onto the floor and I actually left it there. It went untouched. His tummy kept growling. I wouldn’t leave his side, worried he may throw up or come down with a fever.

The girls arrived home from school.

Suddenly the floor was licked clean. His bowls were emptied and he was banging on them asking for more.

His girls were home. He could eat again!

(You mean I almost called the vet for THIS!!!)

Between attacking my beloved books to hunger strikes, you never know what shenanigans this dog will pull in protest to his children not being at home with him.

Otis just loves them that much.