via Daily Prompt: Treasure

When I was a child ‘treasure’ was something we wished we could find. We wanted to be pirates or archeologists, divers, literally anyone adventurous who could follow a map and find a massive buried loot. Naturally we would want to keep it. Nothing I found was ever going into any museum. (It would be mine… alllll mine!!)

As an adult, even the thought of searching for treasure is a fun one, however there is one thing that I have realized.

Materialistic ‘treasure’ is not what we need be searching for. Most of us already have found something we can Treasure

It’s our family.

It’s our friends.

It’s our children.

No, we don’t need some old box, filled with a pile of gold coins and a couple of old necklaces to make us rich.

Look around you. Look at what you have.

The moments that we can cherish with our loved ones, those things here in the ‘now’ – the memories that we can make together…… that is by far the most important treasure we can ever possess.