I don’t know if any of you have seen the video now making it’s rounds on the news and social media, but there is a Pastor in Texas who decided to show up at a mall and yell at the children waiting in line for Santa that ‘Santa is not real’ and that their parents lie to them. He caused quite a scene.

Oh this infuriates me on so many levels.

So I am going to vent on here.

If you have read my previous blog on ‘The Holiday Wars’ you know a few things about me. My father is a Pastor and I was taught growing up to RESPECT others and I talk about how we all need to take a step back and knock this entitlement off when it comes to the Holiday Season.

(It’s quite the post. I highly recommend clicking the link and giving it a read it)

Clearly this Texan Pastor has missed out on this lesson (among other important ones). If you aren’t Christian and you see this outburst of his, let me tell you he does NOT represent what we are taught in the church. In fact, when I posted the video on my social media, Christians (among others) were aghast, and that includes clergy.

Jesus was a friend to the children and would never have ambushed children in this manner, nor would he have tolerated this sort of behavior from his followers.

On a strictly human level, regardless of religion, the fact that this guy thinks he could approach these kids in this mall and start shouting that their parents are liars is appalling. It’s completely reprehensible behavior.

YOU SIR, have absolutely no right to come into a public domain and attack these kids and that is that is exactly what you did.

You attacked their beliefs!

You attacked their innocence!

You attacked their Christmas spirit!

You CANNOT bring people to Christ or make them think kindly of your beliefs when you are full of vinegar and piss. You CANNOT yell to CHILDREN that their parents are liars and try to ruin Christmas for them simply because they want to have a picture taken with Santa and YOU think it’s wrong. That is NOT your decision. This is one of the examples of behavior as to why people are turning away from the Church.

No, that wasn’t an act of kind, loving Christianity, that behavior is an assault on it, for the simple reason it was done out of anger, spite and entitlement. All you did was show those kids that scary bad men exist. Congratulations. You must be so proud.

Speaking of Pride, since you seem to exude that you are so righteous….If you dear pastor are taking pride in the scene you caused and how your message is now being seen worldwide, then let me remind you that pride is one of the seven deadly sins. If you have a problem with Santa and parents (like me) who take part in the myth, than you take it up with the ADULTS who can handle these things. You bring this up in YOUR house of worship since you apparently have one. You do not take it up with strange kids at the mall (Stranger Danger! Stranger Danger!)

You may think you are a martyr for your cause, but what you are is a disgrace to not only the church and religion that I grew up in, but to loving, kind humans everywhere!

Do you even know your history? Or are you too busy twisting the word of the Lord to find time to research facts? Try looking up Saint Nicholas, who he is and why we have the legend of Santa Claus to begin with. You’ll find your religious ties. Perhaps I should even show you the picture of my father, the reverend, happily posing with Santa Claus at a church event the other week. They seemed pretty happy.

I don’t know about anyone else but having a jolly man and his happy elves spread good cheer, love and gifts doesn’t sound like such an awful thing. Too bad this Grinchy preacher can’t find the love in his heart to smarten up and focus on the part of the Bible that says “God is Love” (1st John 4:8) because at the end of the day, THAT should be the first thing that any Christian practices. Period.


It trumps everything.

Where I come from, and what I believe is this:

God is judge.

Not some angry man in Texas.