via Daily Prompt: Conundrum

In 2015 we experienced a complete sudden upheaval in our family life and were faced with this massive Conundrum  (Which of course spawned into several smaller yet equally stressful decisions)

My husband had been courting this new position in his company and it was finally available to him. The catch? Oh there are so many ones to list. He would be away from home more, we had to move halfway across the province (possibly into the states) our children would have to switch schools, we had to sell our house, buy a house and every other little thing that comes with all of this….(and that stuff snowballs…..). and we didn’t have long to make the decision. (Days to decide…DAYS- Cue the fainting)

I was so stressed out when my husband told me he wanted this job that I was actually vomiting. There were so many issues with it all. I talked it out with him, with friends, with family. I was all over the map. (Fine just take the job, NO don’t take the job…Wait… Take it….Just do it before I change my mind)

Both of us felt that we were caught between a rock and a hard place. My friends thought I was crazy for eventually going along with it.

Our children naturally did NOT take the news well when we finally announced we were moving. They didn’t want to leave their friends, their dance studio, oh sure they wanted a bigger home but they wanted to stay where they were.

It was an extremely hard decision, but together as a family we took the leap.

We bought, sold and moved out of our house into our new one in the span of approximately 6 weeks. (Give or Take- it was all a blur)

Our entire 2015 was dedicated to this move, this new job and to the children adjusting.

It was by far one off the hardest decisions we have ever made.

Everything was so rocky to start. Our oldest daughter didn’t react well to the move, she was in her second last year of elementary school at the time. Imagine having to start all over with new friends and a new school at the time in your life when you are supposed to be celebrating nearing the end of school with all the kids you grew up with! Thanks to myself and the school keeping on top of it, she made it through! Now in her last year of elementary school she is thriving and happy, though she likes to tell us that as soon as she graduates high-school she is moving back to our old city to attend university and settle down. (Nuts to us)

Our youngest transitioned the easiest. She had a few bumps along the way, but being in her second year of Kindergarten, she was better off. Her only complaint?

“Mommy! The other kids keeps telling me I am in JK because I am new! I keep telling them I am in SK and I am just SHORT!!”

(That playground drama actually ended up including the teachers and meetings after she decided she wasn’t going to school anymore)

She’s in grade one now and they have finally figured out that yes. She really is their age and she is just short.

My husband seems to enjoy his new position, he isn’t as swamped as he was in his previous role. His commute may be across the border, but after living in the GTA, a commute across a bridge into a different country is nothing. (Have you ever experienced GTA traffic? Ugh) He will start traveling this year, but he will still be close enough for us to see him on weekends etc… it will be an adjustment. For the most part, he is happier, we see him more in the evenings and we have more freedom then we did before. He can actually help from time to time with the kids extra-curricular activities and dinner…. in that aspect it’s amazing.

As for me, I will admit that for someone who would throw up at the mention of the move and who’s current health problems were most likely caused from the ridiculous amounts of stressed I have been shouldering since 2015, I haven’t minded the move…..too much.

Some parts have been hard. We live far from friends and family and with the exception of a few family members, no one has yet made the trip to see us. It sucks now having to turn down invitations because we are many hours away from everyone and we aren’t exactly living where we will be on anyone’s radar to visit anytime soon.

The good news is we do happen to live very near where hubby and I met and we actually started our little family, so the area is familiar to us. I like having a larger home to redecorate and look after. It’s quieter here. We have made some great new friends and neighbors and we certainly chose an excellent town to raise our family in.

All that said, I have made it abundantly clear that I am NOT budging from this house for at least another twenty five years!!

If there is anything this whole major move has taught me:

Being an adult is hard.