I haven’t slept much in three days.

My insomnia has increased and I am lucky if I can get three solid hours a night. I can’t fall asleep (it takes HOURS) and when the slightest thing wakes me up….we start the whole process over again. (and again….and again….)

After three straight days of this, the fact that I can even work my computer to write a nonsensical blog (Because I am pretty sure that is what you are getting with today’s entry) is a miracle.

After hitting snooze until multiple times this morning, my six year old showed up in my room and started poking me in the face.

“Mommy…. Mommy….I love you mommy….Wake up….”

Poke. Poke. Poke.

I crack an eye open and I see this angelic, happy face smiling down on me. I shove my face into my pillow.

“Good morning Mommy!”


“Oh Mommy you’re so funny!”

(Yeah I’m a riot at 7:45am)

I finally lift my head and manage to say.

“Love you to. Now go wake your sister. I will get up….eventually…..”

(Look at the clock)

CRAP! I’m up. I’m up!

(I yell as throw on my bathrobe, only to miss the door and walk into the wall)

I managed to make the kids breakfast.

(Cereal a’la MILK)

I’m running late and realize I am under the gun to make lunch, shower and get ready…annnnnd we are out of bread.

In total panic mode I run around looking for something I can quickly make and send.

I turn the oven on. Toss some taquitos on a baking sheet, stuff them into the oven and run to take the fastest shower on record.

Get dressed. Dry my hair. Run into the kitchen and pull the taquitos out to cool.

“Hey Mom! We don’t need lunches today! It’s Pita Day at school!”

Crap on a cracker! Why didn’t you tell me this earlier???

(Guess what they’re having for dinner!!)

After all that, I finally get them off to school bus with three minutes to spare.

I made my way to the mall.

Oh I was not in the mood for the Mall but Christmas is coming and if I procrastinate anymore there will be IOU’s under the tree and gifts will be purchased on Boxing Day.

Time is a-tickin’!

I had a couple of panic attacks, but they were mild so I pushed on. Eyes to the ground, in and out of stores… I managed to complete the rest of my Christmas shopping in an hour. (With only a ‘few’ impulse buys for myself….)

I was pretty impressed with myself. I only bit one persons head off, some guy who was creepily hitting on me in a children’s clothing store (Men that is never a good pick up spot…especially with married women buying clothes for their kids)

I’m at home now.

Can’t nap. Sleep still eludes me.

My dog Otis is a maniac today. He keeps trying to play with me, so we play but I only have so much energy to spare. (I’m currently in power save mode and he has enough energy to power an entire country)

He wants to play our chasing game and I’m like “No, get your ball… “ (I think I can still manage to throw it) If only he would go run around outside and burn off some steam, but with that frigid arctic air, he is NOT the slightest bit interested in the great outdoors today. I even tried running out there to convince him to follow me but Otis gave me this look like “Crazy human-It ain’t happening!”

I don’t blame him for not wanting to go out in that cold, but if he pees on the carpet or Christmas tree, he and I will have words.

So here we are. I am writing this ridiculously boring blog entry about nothing- all the while ignoring the housework which I am currently trying to summon the energy to do.

(Will it be found in this second cup of coffee?)

I really wish I had Super Powers and could accomplish the rest of my to-do list, but no. As I write this, I realize the rest of what gets done today will be a half-ass attempt.

AND I am going to own that!

I can picture it now:

“Honey why didn’t the dishes get done today?”

“Because I managed to keep the kids and dog alive, finished my Christmas shopping,  made the beds, watched Netflix and took this AMAZING selfie….all while half asleep! HIGH FIVE!!”



Superwomen I am NOT!