via Daily Prompt: Fortune

Do you remember what it was like to daydream as a kid?

It was a simpler time. The late 1980’s-early 90’s….. we would all gather around on the steps of the house, eating our Fun-Dip, playing games of MASH, talking about how rich we were all going to be when we we finally grew up…

Of course, I would be a famous actress and make a Fortune in the movies.

My house was to be a sprawling mansion, that had a roller coaster running through it. (Because that is just awesome)

There would also be a McDonalds so I didn’t have to cook, and lets not forget the room with the ball pit and trampoline. This mansion would also have an indoor AND outdoor swimming pool and I would have lots of staff to take care of my every need. I’d wear designer clothes, hang out with the rich and famous and learn to like caviar.

Yeah. When I was a kid, I had great future goals.

Now that I am adult, I find daydreaming about coming into millions of dollars a bit overwhelming, and clearly my goals have changed.

To illustrate this, I present to you a conversation between Adult Me and Kid Me.

The Question:

What would you do if you won a massive fortune with the lotto?

Adult Me: Well first I would have to play the lotto to win the lotto…..


Adult Me: I’d pay off the mortgage…..

Kid Me: NO! Go shopping in Paris!!

Adult Me: I’d donate some cash to charity.

Kid Me: No, adopt a bunch of puppies! Maybe buy a horse!

Adult Me: I’d invest a good chunk of it.

Kid Me: What does that even mean? SPEND IT.

Adult Me: Maybe I would treat our family and take an extended vacation somewhere tropical.

Kid Me: NO! Buy a house on a tropical island. Live there all winter!

Adult Me: Maybe I would indulge a bit and treat us to our favorite Sports Cars.

Kid Me: No! Why would you?…. Wait…Actually, that one works…. Yes! Let’s do that.

Kid Me: Wait! What about the in-house McDonalds??

Adult Me: Ummmm, Those calories, ALL the time? Yeah, ain’t happening. Though I should invest in a personal trainer…..

Kid Me: Where did I go wrong?

 Let’s face it. I don’t need to win the lotto. With my family I have everything I will ever need.

(Well..except for that shopping trip in Paris… that actually sounds fun….)

If you had a fortune to spend as you please, what would the kid version of you say versus your adult self??? How would you spend the money? Leave a comment with your answer! I’d love to hear it!