If you have been living under a rock, you may not know that the Hottest Toy of 2016 was ‘Hatchimals’ –An adorable Furby-esq toy that starts it’s life in an egg for your child to nurture.

I won’t lie. I wasn’t paying attention (total rock dweller) until my friend posted a link on Facebook to an e-bay auction that had a Hatchimal going for $500. (Are you INSANE??) I made the mistake of asking my six year old if she has ever heard of Hatchimals and thus the Christmas drama was born…..

(Oh she knew what it was….suddenly it was at the top of her Christmas list…me and my big mouth!!)

On that cool November day, I learned very quickly that it was the hardest toy to freakin’ find.

After scoffing at all these jerks trying to hock them online for triple the retail cost (It seems they are supposed to retail for about $80-ish…Canadian) and finding out that there was a Hatchimals shortage. I quickly gave up on the notion of ever giving one to my daughter for Christmas.

When I broke it to her gently that mommy and daddy would not be able to find one for Christmas, she said “That’s okay mommy, Santa’s elves can just make me one!” to which I replied “Sorry kiddo. Elves don’t have the rights to make them, it has to be made in the special Hatchimals factory and they’re all out of supplies… not even Santa can make this happen. Never fear. We will find you one next year.”

She was okay with that response. She’s pretty chill like that.

Long story short, thanks to a chance conversation, my neighbor mentioned she had an extra one that she didn’t know what to do with! That was a fast transaction. She let me buy it off of her for what she paid retail! Phew! I was winning “Mom of the Year” after all!

Christmas morning came and the first gift my daughter opened was from her dad and I and the shrieking began.

She was one happy kid!

Now I had read an ‘honest’ review of the Hatchimals before Christmas. One mother claimed this toy was a waste of money. It was quite the ranting review. I almost believed her. That review made me worry.

I will be perfectly honest with you.

Now that we have one…..

I disagree with her.

Maybe she just had a bad egg?

It’s completely up to you what you think is a ‘waste of money’ but I wouldn’t call a Hatchimal that. It’s actually pretty fun.

My six year old was ecstatic to open it, which I wouldn’t let her do until we completed our five hour car ride to her grandparents. She had to wait until we were there.

My daughter may not have agreed, but THIS was a good move on my part.

While the Hatchimal is an egg it needs to be coddled and petted etc.. (this helps it hatch) its a needy little bastard. It’s also a noisy one. If I had been in the car with it, I am pretty sure I would have eventually (and quite dramatically) tossed that thing out the window along the 401 Highway.

But it stayed in it’s box, so all was well and quiet as we journeyed across the province.

When we arrived we opened the package and thus the egg-coddling shenanigans began.

And so did the noise.

My daughter quickly grew annoyed. She wanted it to hatch and hatch NOW (Patience is not a virtue she possesses) What started out as loving cuddles and cooing quickly turned into boredom and annoyance.

My thirteen year old started to take over the petting and rubbing of the egg. The little baby Hatchimal loved that.

Eventually, I somehow ended up cuddling and rubbing it. I was cooing and petting it, then quickly realized I was baby-talking to a toy and I looked like an idiot. That happened to be the moment the damn thing started to move and peck at the egg, thus scaring the everlovin’ crap out of me. (But let’s face it, I was having fun….even if it was weird)

Why am I holding this?

My six year old heard me scream and was suddenly interested in it again.

Of course that didn’t last long, because it was taking its sweet time to hatch (it does take awhile, this isn’t a one peck and its out toy) so the three of us (my two kids and this mom) alternatively took turns looking after the thing.

It ended up sitting on the dinner table pecking its way out while we ate Christmas Dinner when it finally freakin’ hatched (in total from opening it etc…it was approx an hour and half-two hours of playing, petting before it hatched in this house….)

By this point its cute little voice was like nails on a chalkboard. I would rather have listened to Rhianna’s song “Work” on repeat (and I really hate that song) then listen to that annoying little furry bird thing one more minute.

We eventually turned it off and finished our Christmas Meal.


So here’s the official scoop:

Is it worth the money? Yes. IF you pay the actual retail price and not some crazy inflated money grubbers cost.

Do kids like it? My six year WAS a bit bored with it while it was an egg. The novelty did wear off at that point. My thirteen year old thought it was neat and had no problem looking after it and giving it the attention it needed. HOWEVER…. Now that it has hatched my six year old LOVES it and won’t stop playing with it. My 60 year old mother has even got in on the ooohing and awwwing over its cute little appearance.

The hatching went fine. The toy works fine. My girls are currently teaching it to speak and I will admit its ridiculously cute. You need to pay attention to its eye colors as that reflects its moods and what it wants. Be warned: the moods change faster then I do on my period, so you may get Hatchimal Mood Whiplash otherwise known as HMW (I totally just made that term that up)

As a parent, the toy can be loud, repetitive and damned needy, much like a toddler, so if you survived the toddler ages you can survive this toy, especially if it makes your kid happy. There IS a feature where you can have the toy at half volume (I just tried it, it works) and I definitely recommend it (Just note you need to turn it back to half volume every time the toy is turned on)

My thirteen year old liked it so much she’s now hinting she needs one of her own.. So yeah…it’s a hit.

Kids: You’ll want one.

Teens: If your parents don’t want you to have a pet, may I suggest this instead?

Parents: If you purchase one for your child….I also suggest earplugs to help you cope.

It’s Hatch-tastic!

So that is that.

My informal, honest, rambling blog review of 2016’s Hottest Toy.

Hope this helps!