My brain is fuzzy today. 

My eyes droopy.

The circles under my eyes are dark.

Is that another wrinkle?

My hair is going in every direction.

I look like my own evil twin.

I am exhausted.

No I wasn’t up all night ringing in the New Year by partying. I had actually gone to bed before midnight, only to have been woken up by my sick teenage daughter who alas has caught the stomach flu.

Yup, That was our wild night.

I’m not a disaster today because I was out partying, I was just doing my job looking after my very sick little girl.

It would figure that 2016 would end on that note. I wish it hadn’t.

Is it a bad omen that the stomach flu hit our house just in time for the New Year? Or just pure bad luck? Was it 2016’s way of giving our family one more big ‘F U’ before it left? (It was a rough year in our house)

I’m currently sitting on the floor of my daughters room, sleepily pondering my resolutions.

I don’t know if I should formally call them ‘resolutions’ as my goals are much the same for 2017 as they have been the last few years.

  1. Write More. Maybe this will finally be the year I have the courage (and time) to publish and make public some of my writing. (After all, 2016 gave me the courage to start this personal blog)
  2. Focus on my health and fitness. (Losing that pesky 20 extra pounds would be swell)
  3. Just survive and see what the year will bring. (Roll with the punches. Show 2017 who’s boss- all the while flipping 2016 off in the rear view mirror)

Today I am going to completely sanitize the house. Not just because of this stomach flu (which I pray no one else catches) but to erase the nasty juju 2016 may have left behind.

I am going to Lysol the crap out of this place.

You know….after I catch a much needed nap.

Happy New Year.