Christmas brings with it some lovely decorations and now that it is January I CAN’T WAIT to box them all up!

Nothing against the holidays, but after having pine needles from the tree drop all over the floor (and somehow end up in your bed? What the hell is that?) and extra festive clutter laying about…..there is something about January that makes me smile as I embrace my inner Monica Geller and start the major housework.

Waiting for ‘Spring Cleaning’ time is for amateurs.

The January Clean and Purge is where it’s at.

I feel like I need to extra clean the house this month since my daughter just had a 24 hour stomach flu. Nothing like vomit everywhere to make you want to sanitize everything (including the bottle of bleach!)

My plan is simple.

My list is long.

Naturally I start with getting rid of everything Christmas and holidays (there have been some years where this happens on Boxing Day before the rest of my family wakes up)

It’s all quickly packed away with the promise that I will purge and reorganize the decorations after the regular January purge is complete. (I say this every year, but it really only happens every five years or so)

After I have packed the Christmas stuff away, next comes the big once over. The house is swept, dusted, vacuumed, mopped, washed and sometimes rearranged for the New Year.

Otis is making sure all the pine needles are gone.

Once that is all complete and sparkling, I bring out the garbage bags and start going through all the closets and cabinets.

Room by room I take the following:

  1. Things (especially toys) that aren’t used anymore.
  2. Decor that I want to replace.
  3. Clothes that no longer fit or worn often.
  4. Old pots, pans etc… that need replaced (Usually I make an itemized list to replace before I completely toss them)
  5. Any large item (like furniture) that I may want to sell or donate.
  6. Anything I feel that needs to be tossed out or recycled.

Once that is taken care of, its time to reorganize!

This house that we are living in is fairly new to us (we’ve only lived here a year and a half) and there is tons of space (especially storage) so I keep playing around with where I want things.

What was originally used as a playroom, we tried turning into an office/craft space but the kids just trashed it (funny how they like to play in it, but once it’s a mess then suddenly they don’t want to go in there?) so I am going to completely overhaul the room and turn it into an office/small bonus guest room.

After all this is done. I wash everything down AGAIN. (Yeah….I may need an intervention….)

I am so excited about all this.

Probably more excited about this then I was on Christmas morning.


Easy! As a mom, having everything in a proper place where it should be makes me happy. It makes life slightly easier in the long run. (Especially if the members of my family can actually find something themselves without having to call “MOM!!! MOM!!” every five minutes)

Of course by the end of the year it’s inevitable that we will be back to square one (even though there is the Spring Clean, the later Summer Clean, the pre-kid Birthday toy purge and clean….I like to clean but I’m not Super Woman)

It’s a never ending process really… but for whatever reason…..doing this in January makes me happy.

Like Danny Tanner (Full House) says “It’s like my own personal Christmas!”

The whole Interior of the house will be spotless!


Man I’m weird.