When we die, are we ever really Gone ? (Man, I love this question)

I am only skimming the surface of this topic in this blog entry.

I will admit that I have a fascination with the paranormal and the thought of an afterlife and what happens to us when we die. I have ever since I had my first paranormal experience when I was around 7 years old. That face in the window of my childhood home sent me on a course to learn more. I know what I saw. I can still see it in my head to this day. It sent me on a path to attempt to learn more. I had been raised to believe that when we die, that we go to Heaven…so at seven I remember bothering my parents. Why did I see a face in that attic window? Who was it? Why aren’t they in Heaven?

I was told I had a wild imagination and it was nothing.

That I do, but I also have good instincts and eyesight. (And an appetite to learn….)

I know what I saw, and that was just the beginning.

I don’t know why people are so scared by the unknown or are so quick to pass it off as ‘imagination’ or ‘pure drivel’ etc…

There is such comfort in the thought that a loved one can visit you when they have passed. That they aren’t just living on in memories, but they are watching over you, perhaps even guiding you when you need it.

I have a fascination with the fact that history can potentially be repeated in a residual haunting (That is like a tape recorder playing the event over and over) or that a building or property holds keys to the past through the intelligent spirits that are connected to the location.

I like the thought that when I eventually pass, my spirit has the potential to learn more and visit with those who left earth before me. (Not to mention haunt a few people….I mean…if I get a few minutes…why not?)

Sorry, but I can’t just roll over and accept that fact that once we die that we are gone for good. I have had far too many experiences throughout my life with unexplained phenomena (voices, apparitions, footsteps, scents…etc…) for me to believe that everything just ends for us when we die. We’re only human. We don’t know everything. We are constantly evolving and learning as a species on earth. Look how far we have come with technology and medicine….. I don’t think any of us, while we’re in human form will ever know the true extent of the universe and all the secrets it holds, including that of the afterlife.

Perhaps we won’t ever really learn or know more when we pass…..but I like to think that the option is there.

Don’t you?