I had all these insane nightmares last night. It did not make for a restful nights sleep, but the concepts may make for a pretty frightening horror film:

There was this girl, who kept giving birth to dead zombie-like aliens out of her HEAD while she slept, then she would chase us around the neighborhood with them….trying to kill us….

(Where does my subconscious come up with this stuff!!!)

At six a.m my alarm clock blasted ‘Dark Horse’ by Katy Perry and I screamed and sat straight up in bed. (Note to self: Never use that song as a wake up call again!)

After recovering from my frightening start, sleepily I tiptoed around my house, got dressed and headed to the hospital while it was still dark out. I had a very early morning appointment for an MRI. (What a way to start a Monday!)

Once there, I was given an IV and placed into an MRI machine for a whopping forty five minutes. Thankfully unlike other MRI’s that I’ve had, this hospital is kind enough to give you a headset and the choice of what music station you want to listen to so you can ‘relax’.

I didn’t relax.

Actually, I thought I could make it through the whole thing without sedation. I thought “I’ve done this many times before. I’ve got this!” and that I would probably fall asleep because I was exhausted.

Yeah. I am not making that mistake again. 

If you have never been inside an MRI machine let me tell you: It is incredibly noisy. You aren’t allowed to move a muscle and it a claustrophobic nightmare. The entire process seems simple enough, but honestly if you are suffering from anxiety (like moi) it really can be overwhelming. I tried everything to relax. I was really trying to focus on the music. It didn’t help when ‘My Sharona’ came on the radio, I wanted to dance (Impossible) and that actually made me tense up more and I had to fend off a panic attack. I was so relieved when the entire thing was over. I made it through without needing to call for help. I made it through without moving. I made it through without crying and begging to be sedated. I made it through without falling asleep so some zombie creature could feast on me.

I was incredibly shaky afterwards and it took me several minutes to calm myself before I could leave.

When I walked out of the hospital and saw that the sun was shining, it relaxed me and made me feel better.

(Well, until I realized I had forgot to bring my sunglasses…..)

So wherever you are, whatever you are doing. I hope your Monday started off a bit smoother and less anxious then mine. I give you this photo of some sunshine to admire and hope that this is the beginning of a great week for you.

I took this photo and the featured image while hiking on the Niagara Escarpment in Spring and Summer 2013 


Daily Prompt: Shine