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My parents have been downsizing their home for a long time and once I moved out of their home- YEARS of memories and my belongings were boxed up. When my husband and I bought our own home, suddenly these boxes started appearing on our front step with my parents who smiled and said “Take it-It’s ALL yours!”

My husband always joked to just trash it.

Ummmmm NO!

I love history and these items are part of my past. I always take the boxes and sort through everything into piles:

Things to trash. Things to recycle. Things to donate. Memories to Keep. Things my kids would like.

I have stories I wrote, tests and assignments I scored great on, ribbons, tickets etc… I really hope one day that I can find the time to compile a scrapbook and get these things out of the large bin they are currently housed in. That way my children and *gulp* ‘grandchildren’ can get to know ME a bit better.

There is one thing that I kept all these years that was too large to be boxed up. It’s currently waiting for a frame and a wall… (I am still trying to figure out what to do with all my Marilyn Monroe -paraphernalia)

We had an assignment in class (I believe it was my Interior Design class…) to create our own version of art by using Andy Warhol as inspiration. We had to choose a photograph of a person/celebrity to copy and paint it. We were only allowed to use a few colors. As a huge Marilyn fan, it was obvious who my celebrity was going to be. So I chose my color scheme, chose the photo of her to copy and VOILA……

I’m no Warhol, but I loved how it turned out so into my ‘keep’ pile it went.

So here you have it. It’s a bit worn, curling up at the sides…. but this is my painting of Marilyn Monroe, circa 1997.

Painting by 17 year old moi!

( Shown with my painting is ‘Marilyn Monroe The Biography by Donald Spoto-Photograph in book is credited to the collection of Chris Basinger….The inspiration for my assignment )

(Featured Photo is of 17 year old moi hanging out in Florida!)