My happy place has always been a beach.

I love the sand, the surf and the sun beating down on me. It’s my place of peace whether I am physically experiencing it or if I have closed my eyes and am trying to relax and imagine myself there.

The sand is inviting.

The sound of the waves crashing soothes me.

The gulls sing.

The breeze caresses me.

It’s just all so relaxing!

I have been lucky enough to capture images at what in my mind is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I have been there twice now in my travels and hope to be back again (and again) in the future. If you are ever in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic- you will want to visit Macao Beach. The scenery is positively breathtaking and full of Ambience . Making sure you have a camera upon your visit is a must!

This photo I captured in 2011 was the first photo I ever took at Macao Beach. We were still on the bus and I was just overwhelmed with how beautiful it was.

Don’t you just want to climb into the picture and relax?


(Weekly Photo Challenge)