It’s a gloomy and cool rainy day here.

Everything seems to be too serious or grumpy lately, so I am going to lighten things up the best way I can! Enough about politics, greed, war and the rest of the negative. Lets take a breather and focus on something fun for a minute!

Now, I have decided that I should really think about becoming a professional party guest. (This is a thing…right?) Now, I have put a lot of thought into this (a lot = the length of my shower this morning) and I feel like I should take time to share this with you today.

May I present to you the reasons why I would excel at this:

  1. I like a good night out! (Who doesn’t?!)
  2. I love getting dressed up! (Okay, that picture is me all dressed up at my wedding… I won’t wear that dress…but you get the picture….)img_3269
  3. I am the kind of person who can and will be the first one on the dance floor to kick that party off, shaking it like a Polaroid picture… (Shake it…Shake it..) I will participate in/even lead those silly dances (Chicken Dance, Macarena…) I will even show everyone up with a little Backstreets Back and whatever other choreography I remember from memorable 90’s music videos. Need guests to help participate in flash mob choreography or song? Oh am I the girl for you…. (I have references!)
  4. For a small fee: I will dress up like a goof and lip sync for your guests!

img_32725.Have karaoke? No problem. I will gladly kick that off and fill in if everyone is shy. (Plus I can actually sing well…for no extra charge!)

6.Party tricks? I may have a few……img_3260 img_32637. Some annoying relative driving you nuts? Send me over! I will be happy to entertain (or annoy) your intolerant, grumpy, boring relatives…..(Whether they like it or not!)

8. Have a guest that’s being unruly and they’re interrupting things? I will happily play the role of bouncer and escort them out.

9. Need someone to deliver a speech? Ask someone else…. just kidding…. I can do that too (again for a fee) Especially since all my friends and family ban me from telling embarrassing stories about THEM at their weddings…..(In the immortal words of Stephanie Tanner “HOW RUDE!”)

10. I am willing to attend tropical destination weddings…… no fees required! (Just make sure it’s a five star-all inclusive and my room has an ocean view) img_3265

Okay. I’m not really going to follow through on this potential career path, but just so you know that if I did… I would totally rock it!

What about you? Could you be a professional party guest? What are your specialties? 

(Post Inspired by Today’s Daily Prompt: Invitation )

(All Photos Are Of Me… Those are the ones I could actually show you. I really am that crazy…I mean fun….)