via Photo Challenge: Graceful

There is something so beautiful about dance. The way the human body can absorb then filter a melody or a beat and transform into something so graceful and profound.

From the time I was small I had always wished to be a ballerina. Alas, it was not an activity I was able to ever participate in (sigh…Thanks Mom and Dad….) So that dream died around the time my adult teeth started showing up.

When my oldest daughter decided at a young age that she would like to give dance a try, we happily enrolled her in a dance studio and she finally found that outlet that she needed where she felt she fit in. First it was Hip Hop, then Jazz, she eventually worked her way into Ballet and Musical Theater. My shy little girl blossomed.

My youngest daughter was a baby when dancing took over our house, so she grew up watching her sister in awe. Once she could toddle, she was seamlessly imitating her older sister’s ballerina dance moves and copying any dance she saw on the television. At the age of two, she and I entered Mommy and Me dance classes together, which she just absorbed. At two and a half, she was so obsessed and in love with ballet that we enrolled her in the preschool ballet class.

A star was born.

When I think ‘Graceful’, I think of my daughters. I think of their natural talent in ballet. I think of the hard work and dedication they willingly put forth to participate in their dance classes.

I think of this picture. It is of my youngest daughter taken when she was three and a half years old (She is now six) dressed in her first recital costume, practicing her dance moves in her bedroom in her bare feet! ( I always have to hide her slippers in her dance bag, high in the closet so they don’t go missing before class! She’s obsessed I tell you!)

I could show you actual photos of my daughters in full recital mode, posed and performing, but this moment that was captured on a whim without her knowledge, as I walked by…..

This is what being in love with an activity is.

This is special. 

This is  Graceful