One tear because it can’t stay in any longer.

The second tear is for feeling weak.

Shoulders are slumped in a sign of defeat.

As number three slides it’s about losing face.

When that fourth tear comes out, there’s this fear of lost faith.

By the fifth, I am sobbing and it’s just salty to taste.

Number six is for all the hope that’s been lost,

No matter what I do, there’s always a cost.

Now I’m frustrated and angry and out of control!

With the seventh and eighth tears, everything’s taking it’s toll!

The ninth tear is just for blowing off steam,

But as that tenth one falls down,

“No more !!” -I say with a gleam.

I wipe my face roughly on a piece of my sleeve,

Take in a deep breath and just try to breathe.

Ten tears isn’t much for a woman like me. 


It is ALL I will spare,

I won’t let anything break me.

Nope, we’re not going there.

I’m going to hold my head high,

You will never see more then those ten tears in my eyes.

For I am strongest,

When I’m feeling this way,

Because my parents taught me:

“Stand tall. We all have those days!”

                                                             -Written by Irene


**Dedicated to my mom and dad who have always supported me through my tough times-no matter what. XoXo

**This was written after a day spent advocating for Mental Health, inspired by today’s Daily  Word Prompt: Ten**