I don’t know about anyone else but the world lately has me frustrated.

The tension is building and building…..oh and I get the feeling we’re only set on a gradual simmer right now. The explosion will come…..

The division, the negativity, the inability to calmly discuss, understand or even digest anything that doesn’t fit ‘inside’ our own individual box. It’s like the majority of us have put these blinders on and just flat out refuse to show any type of respect for anyone or anything because it’s 2017 and we’re more entitled then ever.

How I long for a simpler time…..

Rationale is gone. Respect is gone.

Or was it ever really there to begin with?

Political climates in several Western nations are palpable.

“You’re either ‘with us’ or against us” is the new attitude.

Everything is apparently a ‘conspiracy theory’ and everyone allegedly has a hidden agenda.

More and more families are not speaking to each other because of their political differences.

Friends are no longer friends because they no longer want to agree to disagree….and it’s just easier to say ‘buh-bye’.

People who hold their religious beliefs near and dear are on edge. Some striking out more and more at people who they deem vulgar, inappropriate, wrong, misguided or they’re just tired of constantly having to defend themselves and they aren’t going to take it. They’re also being persecuted for their beliefs right back-all because of the ones who don’t agree and apparently we live in a tit-for-tat society so that makes it all okay…(Seriously-if you don’t like a religion-don’t join it!)

It seems there just isn’t any room on this vast planet to peacefully co-exist:

“We’re right and the rest are wrong! SO there! Boom! Mic Drop. WHAT!?”

This past weekend Women Marched in solidarity. The majority of these are GOOD women, every day women, from several different causes across the spectrum. They come from all different backgrounds, races, cultures, religions and walks of life. They each have different ways of how they protest and why they’re protesting that is unique to their individual story. Only now these women are being mocked and ridiculed. I have seen posts demeaning them, body shaming them, painting a wide brush of judgement all across the women-including from fellow women:

“Well, there were some more offensive protesters, so they ruined the protest” *eye roll here*

All of this negativity surrounding something that was quite beautiful (and yes, that many women gathering in solidarity IS a profound kind of beautiful) because others don’t fully understand what took place, or why these women are so angry.

We now have to listen to stuff like this:

“Geez Ladies, it’s not like your rights are going anywhere. Why you angry? Sit down and shut up!”  

The answers no longer lay in the actual reasons that motivated the event, it seems the answers now are only what we perceive to be true, based on preconceived judgments and filtered through our own system. We no longer want to walk in other peoples shoes or truly accept that to some people there actually may be a problem, let alone several problems.

We want to protest the right to protest?


That’s not right.

Where’s the empathy?

There seems to be no room to sit, talk and learn from one another. We just want to automatically disagree with language, clothing, attitudes and behavior without sitting back and thinking:

“Hmmmmm…..what has driven these women to feel they need to protest in such a manner?”

“Wow… they’re being driven to wear obscene shirts and carry obscene signs. Why?”

“They must be fed up with things if that is what they’re doing! Good for them for rallying for their beliefs!”

But no, we live in a day and age where we automatically judge and say “Ugh, disgusting woman- she must be a vile creature if she wears a Pussy Hat”

We live in time where we apparently are going to listen to more alternative media and propaganda based websites more then  we listen to our friends, family and neighbors or even strangers who genuinely have life experience on certain topics.

It’s just easier to judge and condemn then try to get along.

I have had a few run ins with some self described ‘Manly Men’ in the past few days. I keep coming to the defense of my women friends who it seems, can no longer post news articles, pictures and blogs from the March on their social media accounts, without some misogynist trolling them, and these men are usually friends, relatives or friends of a friend.

These are men, by the way who deny being misogynistic in any way (because they are married) but refuse to hear what the women are saying, by insulting and degrading them if the women try to share or even disagree. In one instance I was actually told to ‘shut up’ -followed by a stream of insults and a stern lecture (Do you know who I messed with?) and the hilarious thing was that I hadn’t even engaged the man or responded directly to his rants. I had just directly commented on my friends post about how fascinated I was by the conversation and the misogynistic undertones in the replies, I then told the ladies to keep up the good fight. It was a simple statement, from the perspective of someone who was just ‘reading and digesting’(Which is something I DO)  I was genuinely completely fascinated by his extreme point of view and was just stating so, but clearly I had triggered this angry man further. He couldn’t even see my comment for what it was. He saw it as an attack on his manhood and opinions. Well guess what? I WAS attacked, so I amused myself for a bit, pointed out his hypocrisy and refused to answers his rudely demanded questions that he had been demanding of each woman in the thread.

Instead of being capable of rational, adult discussion, it’s now go for the’ insult first’ then demand answers approach under the guise of intelligent conversation.

I ask you this:

Why would any woman (or any human for that matter) want to answer questions from someone who insults, degrades, mocks and demands they answer questions? Ones that if the agitated could only settle down, open their mind and listen to what had already been said-the majority of questions were already answered. Let’s face it, even if the questions had been answered-they were just going to return to their previous hateful rhetoric. Who’s going to honestly answer to THAT attitude?

I wont.

I will call you on your crap though and turn your playbook against you. (Whether you notice what I did or not) I will not be intimidated- especially by someone who tells me to shut up, sit down, followed by referring to me as a baked good. (Well… I do like Cupcakes!)

I’m not completely innocent either. I like having a good laugh at certain politicians expense. I will troll someone if I am bored and I just can’t handle their level of ignorance on a subject. (No-signing a petition can not impeach our Prime Minister-no matter how many times you try to share it with friends. Please learn how our political system, let alone ‘impeachment’ work….mmmkay…) I post rants on my social media platforms, including this blog. I can be a complete bitch at times because I get angry and fed up too. (Human nature….) 

We all get fed up and our claws come out.

This is the blunt truth.

Not a single one of us can say that in some way that we haven’t somehow participated or been affected by this negative and entitled society we have become.

It’s easier to be cruel to/about someone we disagree with, then bother learning what they’re really about.

We ALL do it at times.

I can admit it. Can you?

Now I know that this post isn’t going to change peoples opinions, arguments, stances…etc….

I may make a few friends with it.

I may make some enemies.

You may agree with me.

You may not.

The only thing I ask is, when these things start to trigger us (and even me) and send us into an angry tailspin- before the angry and the hate spew from our mouths or keyboards:

Just ask yourself ‘WHY’?

‘Why the anger?’

‘Why the passion?’

Put yourself in the shoes of the person you are disagreeing with. Actually approach it from a place where you are reasonable and genuine in wanting to understand and not from a place of cruelty. I know, some people are going to see this as a waste of time and just a bunch of bullshit, but what else have you got? Insults? Those don’t seem to work.

We need to stop judging and start learning.

Think outside the box. It doesn’t mean we have to climb into the other persons box. Just peer in it to see what makes that person tick. Not in regards to their cause… but in regards as to who they are deep down as a person.

Funny enough, I bet if we can all get to the root of the ‘Why’ then perhaps we can realize we humans have more in common with each other then we think.

(Maybe then we can all calm the #$%& down?)

Rant inspired by everything vomiting across my social media these days and of course today’s Daily Word Prompt: Simple

These are just my thoughts on how we can move forward peacefully.