via Daily Prompt: Heard

There’s No One There

I heard another noise today,

When I looked no one was there.

I swear my ears weren’t deceiving me,

When I heard footsteps on the stairs.

I smelled the scent of roses,

Lingering heavily in the air.

The faint sound of laughter echoing,

The sudden movement of a chair.

Is it a figment of my imagination?

I swear there’s no one there!


I hear it again……

The air feels awfully chilly,

Maybe I’m coming down with a cold?

Or is it just a silly draft,

This house is really old.

My mind must be playing tricks on me,

I just felt fingers in my hair.

A cool breath in my ear startles me:

I yell:


The lights start flickering wildly,

Chanting fills the room I’m in.

My heart is pounding oh-so fast,

A sharp pain upon my skin!

Scratches form up and down my arms,

So I run into my room.

Slam the door,

Lock it.

All I feel is doom.

That is when I notice,

The figure sitting on the bed.

She’s smiling oh so sweetly,

And sharply tilts her head.

I can’t believe I am seeing this,

I know this cannot be!

This person sitting on my bed,

She looks a lot like me!

The same red lips and that is my nose,

But her eyes are black as coal.

Oh my God,

Are you for real?

She’s even wearing my clothes!

I just can’t help it,

Can’t help but openly stare.

She sings:

“Oh you frightened child.

I thought you said that no ones there?”

Oh God this can’t be happening,

I can’t move,

I totally froze.

I feel I’m getting weaker.

Blood starts pouring from my nose!


I don’t know if I am dreaming,

Or if this is reality.

But I don’t want you turning out,

To become a creature just like me.

So let this be a lesson,

That if you hear a noise,


You really never know,

There just might be something there!

-Written by Irene ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin

Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt word: Heard