They lurk in the lush tropical greenery.

They dart around the sandy paths and cobblestones and you may not even notice.

They rustle the bushes and sun themselves on the rocks.

They may be a surprise delight on your vacation or cause you to scream and run in terror.

They don’t do autographs and won’t sell you insurance.

You may take their photo but you aren’t taking them home.

Meet: The Real Lizards of Varadero.


Authors Note: I loved visiting these little guys every day as I walked past them to get to and from the beach. They were fun to watch and photograph. It was also fun watching those people who would scream and run when they noticed them……

(Photo Credits: Irene @TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin. Photos taken in Varadero, Cuba)

Post inspired by today’s Daily Prompt Word: Lush