I like funny.

I love being entertained, shocked and watching reality, sharing internet memes, enjoying viral videos….

There is a difference though. When it is a 13 year old girl being paraded around with her bad behavior. I make an exception.

If you haven’t seen the Meme’s or the Music remixes floating around, there was a 13 year old girl featured on a daytime talk show. She is clearly troubled, has behavioral problems and a mother who claims to be fed up with her daughters behavior, but at the same time-makes excuses and fuels it.

Enter a certain beloved television psychologist.

The first episode was jaw dropping. I don’t typically watch that show, but that day I had left my television on and was caught up when I saw the episode montage at the start of the show. I have a thirteen year old daughter, hell, I WAS a thirteen year old girl once upon a time. I had my own issues, but that girl makes me my teenage- trouble look like a choir girl behavior.

The girl bought a friggin’ stripper pole and installed it in her bedroom! SERIOUSLY? I think we can all agree-if our child did that we would break the damn thing in half, I am talking about Chainsaw-Stripper Pole Massacre up in here… or I would sell it on E-bay to an actual adult and make my money back… but no… LETS LET THE KID KEEP IT!

– my initial reaction while the first episode aired.

After an incredibly shocking episode, the girl was ultimately sent to a camp that specializes in helping children. Good. She needs help.

I used the episode the only way it should be used if it’s going to be out in public- to talk with my thirteen year old and create a discussion about rules, structure, parenting etc….and how not to act, consequences etc…

Unfortunately this girl made it back to the show with the second episode airing yesterday and what I saw has bothered me ever since. I knew ahead of time this time that she was going to be on and I wanted to see what the good doctor had to say about the internet success aspect of the situation. I sat and watched it with my daughter, we knew what was coming. We had seen the meme’s, the videos and TMZ video of the airplane altercation. I had even told my daughter she wasn’t allowed to share those things or there would be consequences. (She loves viral videos)  This isn’t Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump or a women who gave a hilarious interview after a house fire. This is an entirely different entity.

Sure enough the girl is not only enjoying her newfound status-the mom actually went out and found her daughter an agent. That’s right. The mom claims she doesn’t have help to control her daughter but she sure could find help controlling her daughters potential career. It was quite the episode to watch and I was disappointed when the host said he was okay with them cashing in on the fame ‘but’ to do it wisely. He suggested perhaps they use it to start an anti-bullying campaign. I don’t entirely disagree with cashing in on internet fame under certain circumstances- but you are suggesting this to a woman who was caught on video yelling anti-Arab sentiments. Her daughter giggling while this is happening.

I mean…. What?

As a mother, I can’t even begin to comprehend this entire situation and the way it has played out.

It’s not okay for people to be bullying, laughing at or publicly shaming a child like this.

She’s a kid. 

It’s not okay that this girl is allowed to parade her sexuality to followers online and encouraged to use her attitude and ridiculous catch phrases to cash in on her fifteen minutes.

This girl needs to be allowed to learn, heal and be a regular kid. 

I am not trying to mom shame this women. I don’t know her, I don’t know anything but what was presented in those televised episodes. There is no such thing as a perfect parent, and we all need help from time to time. I hope this woman gets the help she needs.

I don’t like the fact that by writing this blog I am actually bringing attention to this kid and her 15 minutes of bad behavior, but it sickens me that people are laughing at her, some even sharing thing online when they don’t even know the entire scope of the situation. They see a ‘brat’ and they want to laugh at her. I just want people to be aware that when they share those memes and videos-you are basically saying it’s okay to mock a 13 year old girl who was handed a shit card in life. That girl needs professional help and guidance and NOT in the form of a talent agent.

Are people aware or do they just not care that when they share this girls memes etc…that as ‘innocent’ as it seems- that they are actually fueling a much larger and more serious problem?

As a mother it bothers me that this happens and our society just shrugs and says:

‘Well….It’s okay to laugh because……’

What if that was your daughter?

Authors Note: This is my personal opinion. I purposely do not use names, show photo or video examples in this blog. I wish both the mother and daughter the best and hope that they are able to find the help and balance they need for a successful and happier future. I truly hope most of you reading this haven’t heard of these people yet and are keeping it that way.