via Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

It’s the weekend and yet I’m up at the crack of dawn,

Looking for a solitary moment of peace.

The kettle boils.

Toast pops.


This little voice sleepily peeps.

Silently, I give her my toast and pour her orange juice,

And return to making my tea.

We chat.

I check my social media.

She jumps off her stool and heads into the bathroom.

Teeth brushed.

Face washed.

She pats off to find some clothes in her room.

Now the dog needs out.

I clear the table so he doesn’t get to the food.

Once the door is opened, he bolts into the yard.

“Mommy I have nothing to wear!!”

Her yell echos through the house.

It’s the same argument every day,

Yet her closet is stocked full of clothes.

Once that battle is over.





I left the dog outside.

I run to let him back in.

He jumps up on me before taking off.

Muddy paw prints now stain my clothes and floor.

Off to change and throw on some laundry I go.

“Mommy will you cuddle with me while I read?”

Who wouldn’t?

She reads me a chapter while my stomach starts to growl.

“Mommy is hungry”

A kiss to the top of her head.

As I walk to the kitchen, I notice the time.

The time says that I need to take a detour down the hall.

I pound on a door.

The one with the sign that says: KEEP OUT!!

“Wake UP!” 

My oldest groans and mumbles some excuse.

I return to where I started.

Another slice of bread in the toaster.

I spot my forgotten cup of tea.

Sighing, I toss the teabag into the sink and take a sip.

It’s Lukewarm.

Down the sink it goes.

Kettle is refilled and set to boil.

Any thought of solitude now set aside until perhaps bedtime tonight.

That’s okay though,

I had a pleasant morning.

My oldest walks into the kitchen and steals my toast.

“Thanks Mom!”

Another sigh as I stare longingly at the kettle and cup,

Slightly envious of my husband who is still sound asleep.

Out of the corner of my eye I spot the forgotten paw prints on the floors.

Son of a……

My job is never done.

I hope at least I get to drink this cup of tea.

-Written by Irene


*Short story inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: Lukewarm