via Daily Prompt: Seriousness

I don’t always like to be serious.

It seems like such a chore.

I like to laugh,

Tell jokes,

And be carefree.

Not act like such a bore.

Being ‘Vanilla’ seems so overrated.

I like all kinds of flavors galore!

You will never know what I will say…

….or do….

But I’ll have you wanting more.

Never fear!

When you’re sad,

Or angry,

Or it’s Monday,

I’ll make you laugh!


That I can guarantee.

Immature, Outrageous, Inappropriate?

Oh I can be all three!


I know…

There’s a time and place for everything,

With that, we can all agree.

But let me tell you here and now,

(In all seriousness….)

You need a friend like me!

My friend said she thought Amy Schumer looked like me. I have no idea what she is talking about.

-Written by Irene ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin

Post inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: Seriousness