Mom’s sometimes have these dirty little secrets we like to keep hidden from our kids. Whether it is a chocolate stash in the sock drawer or the hot fireman calendar duct taped to the wall in your walk in closet, behind your wedding dress. Perhaps it’s a box of candy hidden in a tampon box, or a pint of ice cream hidden under the frozen peas. We all have them.

I have a secret.

I have a secret so big that if my kids found out about it then I would never hear the end of it.

I picked up lunch from McDonald’s today.

That’s right.

I headed for those golden arches, went through the drive thru and bought myself some chicken McNuggets and fries.


My excuse for such delicious and naughty behavior? I didn’t sleep last night and was so busy running errands trying to find my daughter ‘the perfect white shirt’ for her graduation photo- that I thought ‘TO HELL WITH IT!’ and went to McDs.

(Translation: I just didn’t want to eat some hard boiled eggs and some carrot sticks)

I was SO bad but it tasted SO good.

I may have even licked that sweet and sour packet clean.

The problem is now I am on a time crunch.

I have to finish my drink then go into ‘Hide the Evidence’ mode.

This means knocking back my drink like a frat boy with a beer, gathering up all the garbage and hiding it at the bottom of the trash. I then need to wash the plate that I used (because I am fancy when I bring my take out home) and then the hard part…. airing out my car before I run them to after school lessons.

Yes. I actually need to air out my vehicle because those keen little noses have sensed when I have pulled this trick before. They can smell the difference between McD’s-Burger King and Wendy’s (and we don’t eat at these places THAT often) If they even sense I went to a fast food joint without them- they WILL call me out on it.

Those kids will lay into me like I’ve been accused of some awful crime and I will not hear the end of it until I eventually give in and take them for a treat too. My six year old plays the role of bad cop- and she is clever at it. That pout and glare make you think twice about your crime. My thirteen year old plays the part of the good cop- She tries to reason with her sister but then after saying “Mommy is allowed to do what she wants” she then turns on me and says “…..but we know that she owes us now!”

If I am busted, I am going to have to hide out. Locked in my room. Far from their angry yet adorable judging eyes.

I will admit I am afraid of my kids and the riot act I will be read for breaking the rules and heading to McDonald’s.

So I hide it.

I hide it well.

They must never know the truth.

That I was hungry, tired and simply didn’t care about healthy food today.

It happens.

Don’t you dare judge me either. We all know you have a dirty little secret too and if you are brave you will post what it is in the comments. 😉

(Also…. if you could also not let my fitness coach know that I ate McD’s that would be great…..)

Post inspired by today’s Daily Prompt: Hideout