When Beauty and the Beast hit the box office when I was a child- I fell completely in love with the film-the music-the story.

It is by far, one of my all time favorite Disney movies. I went crazy for the Broadway production (which I have seen a few times) To this day I will listen and sing along to the musical soundtrack like my life depends on it. I don’t care who is in the next car staring at me. I’ll just wave and keep singing.

(BTW: I have actually had fantasies about knocking Belle off the stage and taking over her role…I have a Vivid imagination….. )

Lumière has always by far been my ultimate Princess sidekick, I wanted him and Cogsworth (they’re a team- you need both!) to hang out with.

When I saw these particular figurines sold at Disney- even all these years later, I nearly lost my mind. I HAD to have them- Lumière and Cogsworth had to come home to ME– of course as luck would have it, I could not get my hands on them.

They were always sold out on the Disney website or the prices were being jacked up on other websites due to the demand. When we went to Disney World last year, we set out as a family to bring them home. Of course, they too were sold out (as we discovered by talking to a staff member who was ever so helpful!) though I did find that adorable Chip mug- so I brought him home.

Who doesn’t love Chip?

My parents were recently on vacation in Florida and while on a trip to Disney Springs, they walked into a store and stopped dead.

They knew of my search.

They were staring right at them.

Cogsworth and Lumière were flying off the shelves right in front of their eyes.

Long story short- I am now the proud owner of these figurines.

So what does a ‘classy’, young looking, almost middle aged- mother of two do with such fun figurines?

She creates a display:img_3691

(Does this make me Belle and my husband The Beast?- Asking for a friend)

I’m convinced my kids think I am cool when I do things like this around the house.

 (If not- we’ll just pretend they are)

The moral of my story: Even when you grow up- you can still be a kid at heart.