I love books.


My family love to tell me I hoard them.

They’re wrong.

I don’t hoard.

I collect.

I read them over and over and over again.

Now, I wish this announcement involved some of MY work getting published soon (it doesn’t, I am still working on my own writing….stayed tuned) but I do have information for those interested regarding a new blog feature I am going to have on here.

I previously had a book blog (Reenie’s Book Blog) – but I had to go on hiatus so many times I eventually gave up due to lack of time, a decline in hits/interest, and other circumstances happening in my life. What had been a fun hobby had become a tad overwhelming and it was first on the chopping block.

After consulting with friends over the past few months (let alone a few days ago) – the friends whom actually used my book reviews/recommendations to build their own libraries, I have decided that instead of resurrecting that particular blog and running two separate ones; that I will have a feature on here where I am aiming to post a book recommendation maybe once a week? Twice a month? I have yet to work out the specifics but I will be playing around with that in the next month or so. I will find a fit. It will just take time- so please bare with me.

I do have so many great books  that I have read in the past months and I am dying to share. My TBR pile is massive and I am still trying to get through it (I may or may not have purchased a few too many for my vacation last month) so I hope that my fellow bibliophiles will tune in so we can talk books now and then.

I read a variety of topics and genres: Lately my interests have been in Cults/Religious studies and stories, Celebrity biographies and memoirs, I love reading Romance (even those naughty ‘mommy porn’ books) Horror, Paranormal, Dystopian, Historical, Comedy, Contemporary, Mystery, Fiction, Non-Fiction- basically if it is written down and I am in the mood- I will most likely read it (and if I like it -I will tell you about it) 

Some of my favorite authors include: Kelley Armstrong, Karen Marie Moning, Heather Graham, Deborah Harkness, Victoria Aveyard, James Rollins, Brenda Joyce, Christina Lauren…among SO many others (as you will learn….) 

While I am a huge supporter of authors (mainstream and indie) – I will say that at this time I will NOT be taking book review requests. I won’t rule it out completely in the future– but as this blog is a smorgasbord of topics, I only plan on the book recommendations being an occasional feature as I still build this blog.

I hope that this is something that interests you and that you join in!