Sometimes things just pop into my head.

I was thinking of how today is International Women’s Day and how I could contribute to celebrate. Of course I was in the shower when this popped into my head. I ran out in my towel to type this out while the words formed.

I dedicate this to all the women around the globe:

Sisters In Spirit

We all walk on different paths.
Our stories individual.
Our souls unique.
Sometimes we travel these roads solo,
At times in packs.
Through smooth passages and jagged rocks,
Mountains high, caverns dark.
Our journey is not always easy,
The destination not always clear.
We don’t let this deter us.
We refuse to live in fear.
We congregate in our fights
We seek independence.
Fight for our rights.
Pave new paths.
Our beauty will not be defined by our looks,
But in our spirit,
In how we stand tall,
How we get back up,
If ever we fall.
Failure will not break us,
Only make us stronger.
United in sisterhood.
The path is ever winding.
May we continue to flourish and grow.
How far we have come,
And further we must go!

©Irene- TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin

Here’s to the mothers, daughters, sisters, friends from all nations, colors, religions and creeds.

Happy International Women’s Day.