I am a creative person.

I am attracted to all kinds of arts and crafts, music and dance, drama, writing… you name it I have probably been there, done that and it’s in a scrapbook or on my wall (or even on video)

I don’t know about any of you, but I always have a running list in my mind of creative things I want to do or try. No I am not talking about a ‘bucket’ list- but an ‘arts and crafts’ list. Some things I want to try for the first time and others that I have done before, enjoyed and would like to try again. I love to incorporate my creativity and our hobbies into our home. I don’t want some cookie cutter home, I want our uniqueness poured into it.

 (I use rifle targets I have shot as home decor, I have my new Disney display set up in my entryway, most of the paintings on the walls were created by myself or my children…..)

Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse.

Sometimes I am so overwhelmed with all the artistic things I want to do, I actually go into panic mode and don’t accomplish any of them because my mind goes all haywire (I over think and shut down-classic… I know some of you can relate)

You can sit there and advise me to ‘make lists’ (which I do) but sometimes my brain says:

“I see your list- it’s cute- but we don’t play that way….mmmmkay?”

It shuts me down. I want to create something so bad but I hit a wall because I am overwhelmed and anxiety hits.

The times that I break through and actually accomplish one of my little projects can cause SUCH a high. Oh it feels good.

Today is such a day.

My mother is currently staying with us and she needed to run to the craft store for a few odds and ends for her painting (She’s a talented artist) 

I piled my kids into the car and drove my mother to the store. I had promised my girls that they could have more Rainbow Loom bands (my six year old has just discovered she is a kickass bracelet maker) and I knew that I wanted to poke around the store myself to see what trouble I could get into. I really didn’t have anything specific in mind. I was going to wander the aisles and see the mood struck.

As my mom shopped, and the kids wandered behind me- it was like my body had been taken over. I started storming around the store grabbing things off shelves. A large terrarium jar, a couple packages of sand, then I tore up the painting aisle and picked up a Watercolor Set and some Watercolor paper.

I went to the store for Rainbow Loom Bands (which I did purchase) and ended up with a hodgepodge of nonsense that I ‘technically’ didn’t need…. (or did I…..?) spending a small impulsive fortune.  (hehehehe…. whoops….)

I arrived home and immediately went into ‘crazy’ mode before anyone really had their boots off. I was in ‘The Zone’. Completely immersed myself in my task and my own little world. No other thought then: Must.Complete.Project

I cleaned the terrarium, dumped the sand in the bottom, ran into my bedroom and grabbed the multiple bags of seashells my husband and I have collected from our Caribbean vacations over the years; and carefully arranged them inside the glass jar. The largest shell- the one I found on our Honeymoon sits directly in the center on the top and there is plenty of room for more.



A task I always ‘forgot’ to do and have been meaning to do for years is now finished and sitting on my table- and I did it in under half an hour. 

It certainly is a small scale accomplishment, but one less item that I have on my list!


See, while making lists are fine, I’ll let you in on a secret. Sometimes its those creative things we do on a whim that are more exciting, even if it is just dumping some sand and shells into a glass pot and calling it a day.

When inspiration hits– Go for it!! The muses don’t always follow the norm or the rules. They don’t care about your lists. When they want it done- you do it. Listen to your inner creative voice. It can be amazing when it speaks.

Now I am eyeballing my new watercolor set….. IMG_3776

I haven’t painted with watercolors since 1992….or maybe ’93?

I wonder what trouble I am going to get into now?

Post inspired by today’s shenanigans and also by the Daily Prompt Word: Immerse