If there is something I am jealous of, it is how resilient kids can be when they are sick.

Yesterday morning, as I readied her for school, my six year old told me she wasn’t feeling well.

It was the first day back to school after March Break Vacation. She’s been having some separation anxiety lately, so I just assumed she was trying to stay home an extra day. This wouldn’t be the first time after a vacation that she has tried this. Like any good mother, I went through the checklist:

Are you fevered? Nope.

Throwing up: Nope

You’re good to go.

I sent her off to school.

Of course, I felt really really bad later that day, when she came off the school bus complaining of a headache. I pulled her into my lap for a cuddle so she could tell me about her day and her headache, that’s when I realized “Oh crap. She’s on fire!”


She was fevered.

(Crap on a cracker!)

So I have been taking care of my Tiny Dancer, keeping her hydrated, comfortable, resting and happy. Obviously she did not go to school today.

….and don’t think my thirteen year old didn’t try the ‘I’m not well’ routine this morning too….Oh yeah?

Are you Fevered? No

Throwing up? No?


I have my surgery tomorrow. So today while looking after Tiny Dancer, I am keeping my activity at a Minimal level, alternating minor housework and enjoying what it is like to sit while I still can comfortably do so (Don’t know what I am talking about- go back a few posts… it’s all there) 

My little one was fevered again and crying because her head hurt, so I gave her some Tylenol, water and tucked her in on the Family Room couch in front of the fireplace (fire roaring) with her favorite show (Full House) while I continued on upstairs to deal with odds and ends. After an hour or so, all was quiet. She must have fallen asleep.

I decided to enjoy the silence and headed toward my bedroom to find my Kobo e-reader, when I heard talking. Great. I had left my TV on- so I went into my bedroom only to discover that not only was the television off, but the doors were completely shut on the cabinet it rests in. My room was silent.


Then I heard it again.

Children laughing and music???

Oh dear God, our resident ghost was really active today. I’m used to the odd footsteps, whispers and door slamming- even his stinky cigarette smoke popping up at odd times in rooms only to disappear a few minutes later, but laughing children? OH NO. NO NO NO. Not cool.

It was coming from my daughters room. I figured her leap pad had turned on or one of her talking dolls was going off.

I listened outside her door.

Silence again.

Suddenly I heard what sounded like hooves walking across her floor.

What the hell???

Brave soul that I am- I pushed the door opened and yelled:


Followed by screaming:

My screaming.

My daughters screaming……

Kids are funny creatures……

Not only are children completely resilient when they are ill, but they are stealth ninjas who have this ability to sneak past you when you aren’t looking! Like my child, who after a bit of rest and the fever going down slightly, ended up in her bedroom, dressed in a bright blue tutu, singing songs while clopping around in high heels…. all the while I thought she was fevered and asleep in a completely different part of the house!

If there is one thing I am going to take away from this ridiculously true story, is that when I come out of surgery tomorrow and start my healing process it’s that I have a new goal:

When I feel better, I think I should dress up in a blue tutu and heels and scare the pants off someone! (Look out my precious thirteen year old! Or will it be my darling husband?)  Because I aim to be resilient like that! 😉

(I would also like to formally apologize to the resident ghost for blaming you for today’s shenanigans- Please don’t stalk me in my sleep)