I love all kinds of art.

I love creating in all ways, shapes and forms.

(I also really hate math so you can say I prefer one side of my brain more then the other)

I recently blogged that I had purchased a watercolor set on a whim and was going to try it out as a hobby. I just wanted something different to do as a creative outlet. It’s always fun to try something new, dontcha’ think?

While during my school years (many….many moons ago….) I ‘dabbled’ in the art classes (Easy credit….much more interesting then math…….) but that is really the extent of any kind of classes- let alone knowledge I have on the topic. I just like to grab a paint brush and see what I can come up with.

Now I have always harbored a preference for abstracts (in acrylics)  I think it just suits my personality, but I am currently fascinated by watercolor- so why not try? I remember the ONE time back in the early 90’s that I gave it a try, I really liked it. I think I still have the paintings somewhere in my belongings….

I digress.

I’m restless with this post surgery bed rest, so I googled a few tutorials and learned how to mix watercolors, learned a few techniques and learned what the fudge a watercolor pencil is and how it worked.

(Watercolor pencils.. who knew? Answer: Artists…. Real Artists know this stuff….) 

I decided to start with the watercolor pencils and work my way up to the paints.

So I grabbed my set, brought it to my bed and decided to see what I can come up with while watching ‘Mrs Browns Boys’ on Netflix.

Of course unlike most, I don’t aim for just doodling or playing around with what I can do. Nah. I’m too impatient for baby steps. No. I just cannon balled right into that watercolor set and decided to aim for one of the most irritating things to paint.

A rose.

I love the rose. It’s a beautiful flower, my favorite flower- but have you ever tried to draw, let alone paint one?

(I eventually paused my Netflix show so I could concentrate)

I probably bit off more then I can chew… but here are a few pictures from how my first attempt at watercolor turned out using the pencils and paints. (Don’t use this blog as a tutorial either- seek a professional opinion) 

I used a simple photo of a rose from the internet as my muse.

I followed a Wiki How tutorial about watercolor pencils and followed the steps. (Draw, layer your color, shade, shade some more, add some water, blend….blah blah blah…) Then after I was done blending the watercolor pencils with water- I added more paints in….tried to play with mixing and depth.

During the first few steps…
Playing with the pencils and getting ready to use the water….

Here is the outcome:

My ‘first’ water color painting.

I am by no means an ‘artist’ (‘nor do I aim to be) – I do not know enough about watercolor to even know if this is a valid attempt….but I think it’s not ‘too’ shabby for my first watercolor attempt…. I still have a lot to learn.

Now that I have got my curiosity out of my system and wet my feet (and the paper!)  I will probably attempt the same painting again using a slightly different method. Slow down and learn a lot more. Take baby steps to learn the craft. I am sure I will share more paintings on here as I figure this out…..(I’ll even sell them to you for ONE MILLION DOLLARS…. hehehehehe…. )

I hope where-ever you are, that this somewhat inspires you to go outside your comfort zone and try something new!