Apparently I have been bit by the water color bug.

This is a bit of a follow up to this post: Trying Something New so if you haven’t read it- you may want to take a boo at it if you like.

(The gist of it: I am trying a new hobby. I am an amateur artist- these are my first watercolor paintings- The Rose in the Featured Image was my very first watercolor attempt)

Surgery Recovery Day Four just passed (Feels like Day 100) and I was playing with my watercolor set again.

(I am up to my eyeballs in paints! Purple….Black….Blues…. Shades of Pink!)

At first I thought I would only use this painting set now and again, but I really enjoyed painting that rose and wanted to see what else I could do, so I spent a good portion of Sunday watching more tutorials, pinning helpful tips and pictures on Pinterest and playing with my watercolor set.

(I have really become a paint monster)

I decided to attempt painting a butterfly. It seemed easy enough. After using a page to play with blending colors and brush strokes (and coming up with some random things- which everyone else in the house liked- but I hated- so I wont show them) I then attempted to try a butterfly. I sketched it out then played around with the paint. I didn’t really know what to expect with the final result. (After all I am still learning how to blend, use proper brush strokes etc…) I was just hoping it would at least resemble a butterfly.

This is my second official painting:


My oldest daughter has asked if she can have it framed for her room.

After I painted, I tried to go back to bed to rest and watch more Mrs Browns Boys (seriously-  you need to Netflix and chill that show, it is beyond hysterical!) but I was incredibly distracted. I kept pausing it so I could continue with my watercolor ‘education’ and I came across this beautiful painting tutorial. I thought ‘Okay- I can paint that’ but it is going to take a bit more time and dedication.

With this painting, I did not sketch anything out. I followed the photo tutorial (Which is just a step by step instruction of how the painting looks at every stage- so for the most part I am honestly just winging it)

This is what my painting looked like halfway through the project. I hope to complete it later today:

What it looks like halfway through the painting

(I will be sure to post a blog featuring it when it is complete) 

I am pretty pleased with how it looks so far!

(You can now click HERE to see the final piece!)

It’s funny how you can try something new on a whim and take to it with such ease. I’ve always loved to paint, draw and create things, but I am finding that watercolor really relaxes me. (Which we all know is much needed) I can’t believe I have added yet another ‘hobby’ onto my list- but at least I am staying creative. I love how I have opened yet another door to my artistic side, I just wish I had discovered this a bit sooner.

No time for regrets though.

I have things to read, stories to write and things to paint!

(Daily Post Prompt Word: Purple )

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