via Daily Prompt: Elixir

Why is it, no matter what- We always seem to be dissatisfied with ourselves?

I’m not good enough.

I’m not thin enough.

My breasts aren’t big enough.

My ass isn’t perky enough.

My skin isn’t clear enough.

My job isn’t satisfying enough.

My bank account isn’t full enough.

I’m not pretty/handsome enough.

These and many other negative thoughts ping around and are vomited from our minds on a daily basis. You don’t need to suffer from mental health issues either- these thoughts are the thoughts of the many, from all walks.

Does the day and age we live in contribute to our mental health decline or have we advanced enough in health and science that we just recognize it more now?

I know many of you, reading this can relate- and you probably don’t need to go further then 24-48 hours to remember a moment where you may have come across something that made you think negatively about yourself- even if it was only for a split second. Honestly, sometimes these thoughts are so common that maybe you didn’t even notice you had one.

Some people have mastered this by using positive affirmations to ward off such thoughts, though something I have noticed is that those same people still work extremely hard to achieve a goal in an area that doesn’t satisfy them. Clearly that ‘______ is not good enough’ thought IS there- but they are doing something about it- which is fantastic…… or is it?

Does falling prey to these quick fixes actually fix our problem in the long run or do they actually fuel it even more under the guise of helping?

Now I am just vomiting up thoughts as they bounce around in my head, but why are we so dissatisfied with ourselves? Why can’t we just age gracefully? Why can’t we ever just be satisfied with the lot that has been given to us in life? Why do we all strive to be a more perfect version then what we already are?

(Screw You Status Quo!)

Were our ancestors like this? Were they as obsessed with their bodies? Their skins elasticity? Keeping up with the Joneses?

Of course they had their own trials and tribulations- I don’t at all want to minimize any of the hardships they went through (but I am wondering about ours…)  but I am convinced that if I went back in time and I interviewed my great great great great grandmother, she would think that we would be ridiculous and silly for trying to counteract what nature and God intended for our bodies. I’m certain she would think all of us were nothing but a pack of spoiled brats.

“You mean to tell me that in 2017 that women and men in their 40’s go to a place to make their bodies as tight as they were when they were teenagers? Honey -in my day, aging was a badge of honor and if you lived to see 40 you were lucky!”

(I’m paraphrasing of course- I am pretty sure that if I actually showed up in a time machine to interview my great great great great grandmother she’d probably faint after cursing me as some sort of witch then sell me out to the local authorities to be burned at the stake….)

In today’s age- Companies are getting richer and richer while preying on our neurosis.

We all fall for it.

I fall for it. 

Just a month or so ago I was whining and complaining about dark circles under my eyes.  What did I do? Went whining to my friends on Facebook for advice then ran out to find the nearest and priciest eye cream to treat it. Thank goodness that stuff exists -but I always find myself looking in the mirror wondering……is it REALLY working- or is there a placebo effect in place where I ‘think’ I notice a difference?

There are so many creams and elixirs out there- and I am not saying that they ‘don’t work’- Some may help- but others are complete scams. (It’s sometimes stressful trying to even figure out which is which!)

These products and quick fixes certainly work to take our money.

They certainly work to line the pockets of bigger businesses.

We live in a day and age where we blame the media, blame the magazines, blame celebrities and big business owners…… we blame fast food, we blame lack of education, we blame our families, our genetics and our upbringings…….but when do we ever look in the mirror and take some of that accountability for ourselves?

Why are we never just…

‘Good Enough’?

Authors Note: This entire post is just my rambling thoughts as they sprout from my brain-  It is meant to be thought provoking. I don’t even know if this entry makes any sense to anyone else but if you are looking to blame someone for it, try it with today’s-  Daily Prompt Word: Elixir 😉 

Also: If you don’t have The Rolling Stones singing in your head after the title of the piece…. I am disappointed!