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I am officially one week Post Op and every day I become a bit more active. Unfortunately- there is someone taking advantage of my getting up and about again…..

This is our story.

He runs past me, jolting me in the rush and nearly spilling the tea in my hands. There is a race to be won and I have become an unwilling participant!

I see him dash into my bedroom. MY room. My sanctuary. My current place of rest and relaxation as my body heals and adjusts to this new Seton Stitch wedged up a portion of my arse. As it turns out, I now have two pains in the ass-The one the surgeon has placed into my body and the furry four legged one that is now bending all the rules.

As I move into the bedroom door, I can see him. Sprawled out in my bed, half asleep acting like he belongs there.


“Otis! Get out of my bed!”

He cracks one eye open. Giving me the side eye for a fleeting moment before shutting it as if he didn’t hear a word I said.

“Otis! I need to lay down! Move it or lose it!”

I hear him sigh. His body heaves along with it. A paw scratches at his nose.

“OTIS! Would you get out of my bed!!!”

I walk over and jerk at the covers.

He sits up.

“Hrrrrrmppph” He says before sneezing all over my blankets!

“Seriously Oats?! Did you just launch your boogers all over my blankets? That’s MY BED! MY BLANK- EEeek! Would you QUIT licking your butt next to my pillow!”

He stops mid-lick and stares at me.

We lock eyes.

My blue eyes are narrow slits.

His big black puppy eyes look up at me from the bed.

No. I am strong. I am fierce! I will NOT fall for that witchery!

“Dude, you are NOT supposed to be in my bed!”

He returns to licking himself in unmentionable places. Oh he’s listening. He just doesn’t care. He has claimed his territory. While my husband is away, Otis has claimed this as HIS domain as man of the house. Nuts to me and to my much needed rest.

I go and knock on the wall.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Otis! There’s someone at the door! Who’s here?”

Otis looks up, cocks his head as if to say “Nice try human!”

I knock again.


Now he’s looking at me like I am crazy.

“I’m not crazy!” I tell him.

Oh yes you are human….. is how I translate the look on his face.

I can all but read his thoughts.

Standing next to my bed, I sip my tea while contemplating my next move.

“Otis! Would you like a treat?”

The grooming stops. His ears perk up. Oh he’s interested. I may just have him right where I want him. I start walking toward the door like I am off to the kitchen to find his container of Milkbones….

Reaching the door, I turn around.

He’s still watching, his body language clearly telling me that this will work. He will get his treat. I will get my bed. We will both be happy.

“Otis! Move over! I need more leg space!! MAN you are such a hog! This wouldn’t have happened if you had been a Min-Pin!!!”

What can I say? Sometimes you just have to give in to the fur-baby.

It was my decision to share the bed for now.


It was.

I’m generous like that.

*The End*

~Written by Irene ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin

Post inspired by today’s Daily Prompt Word:Territory