via Daily Prompt: Later

Maybe I should do it now?

Or should I do it then?

I don’t really know what to do…..

Or How.

Or Why.

Or When.

Indecisiveness likes to be my friend,

As you can surely see.

I’d better make my decision quick-

Before it overwhelms me.

The coulds.

The woulds.

The maybe-I- shoulds.

Those thoughts can truly flee!


I’m almost out of Tea!

I’m going to post this poem now,

And stop procrastinating.

I’m heading off to watercolor….

Because Painting is my new thing!


Happy Saturday!

Anyone else here procrastinating things today? The weather is so lovely right now. I think Spring Fever is in the air! My mind is all over the place with what I ‘want’ to do- but I am wasting the day drinking tea, enjoying the sunshine and overthinking! What are YOU doing?

( Post inspired by today’s Daily Prompt Word:Laterย )

What will I paint next?