One of my favorite rooms in my house is my eat in kitchen. I have a very large kitchen and eat-in kitchen space that’s surrounded by windows that overlook our back patio and yard. A lot of sunshine and light filter into these rooms. Sometimes, I can watch a train move past and sometimes I can see deer wandering around. The birds….blue jays, cardinals, humming birds (among others) love to visit outside my windows. I knew that when we moved into this home that this would be the area I hang out in the most.

This part of the house is not yet renovated. We have big plans to rip out the counter tops and back-splash and replace with something nicer and less dated, put in a new sink, paint and remove this big bonus cabinet (that doesn’t match the other ones) that the previous owners had installed – I want half-shutters installed in the windows replacing the ugly and awful venetian blinds – I want to replace the center pot light over the table with a chandelier and paint the rooms something that not only matches the oak cabinets but enhances the natural light in the space and if I get my way… there will be new tile laid in the area as well.

Despite the fact that the rooms need some TLC- it really is an inviting space. I have sloooooowly been adding furniture as I have come across the pieces. I am going for chic and unique. I have added this large rectangular zinc table top and matching zinc buffet- I have found ‘some’ adorable parsons chairs in blue and white to go with it- I am still on the hunt for other chairs and furniture to really complete the space.

Building my space….

Since I spend the majority of the time in these rooms, we added a small TV to the buffet table so I can watch my shows while I cook, clean and pound away at my keyboard. That’s right- I have set my lap top up in this dining area- this is the space where I sit and write- whether it is my blog or one of the stories that I am creating (and hope to publish one day!) 

One thing that has happened in the past months since I have added the buffet, TV and my laptop to the room is that my children are suddenly spending more time with me again.

This is a large house, especially compared to our last one. We have spaces and places for everything – and we are no longer feeling like we are always on top of each other, like we did in our last home.

Oddly enough- now that I have ‘set up shop’ in this area of the house- my kids have stopped always hogging the main TV in the family room, they aren’t always in their bedrooms….. no…. they have started to join me at that dining room table. If I am at my laptop, pounding away- suddenly my oldest daughter will appear to add her laptop next to me. She’ll silently start working on her homework assignments. Then my little one will suddenly show up with a book or coloring pages and also join us. One time we all sat the table writing stories and discussing our plots.

The first time this occurred. It really gave me pause and caused me to think.

I think it’s sweet. Both girls are at the ages where they don’t want to spend as much time with me or doing the same thing as me- but they have discovered a way to still hang out with me while doing what they want to do.

I find that if I go into their space and ask if they want to do something- they get irritated so a lot of the time- I let them come to me….and they do.

Yesterday my youngest daughter (six years old) had returned from a birthday party to discover that I was sitting in my spot. My laptop was put away and while we have a designated art area in the basement- I was preparing my table for yet another watercolor painting adventure. I love all the natural light that comes in this room- so it inspires me to paint here. She went off and brought her art set to the table and set up shop next to me.

We sat side by side working on our paintings and chatting.

Mommy’s Girl!

She watched closely as I sketched out my owl and added the paint.

Teaching myself to paint owls- First attempt.

She even sketched and painted her own abstract owl after watching mine come to life.

I love this!! It’s a keeper!

I love the fact that I have a new hobby and my children are interested in it too. While I know that some people don’t like to be distracted by their kids while they are ‘working’- I don’t always see it that way. I agree that I do enjoy my quiet and my alone time- I can get moody if I feel like I am not getting that ‘much needed’ space that we do need as parents- and it IS important for us to have our time alone.

However, if I am being creative- THAT is something I want my children to see and join in.

Life isn’t always about teaching your kids to ride a bike, bake, do chores and tidy their rooms.

Life isn’t always about spending extortionate amounts of money on toys, technology, day trips or vacations.

Life isn’t about keeping up the Joneses.

Life is about seizing the moment.

When your children show not only show interest in spending time with you- but in your hobbies- like art, writing, reading, sports, music, working on cars etc……

Encourage it. 

Spend that time with your kids. 

Don’t get annoyed that they’re interrupting you.

Don’t get mad.

They want your attention and your time.

The extra skills that you will teach them will help them grow in ways you may not even know yet.

Take these moments while you can.

…..Or before you know it- you will be sitting all alone in your favorite room, noticing the silence- looking back at all the fun you missed out on.

Carpe Diem!

Authors Note: Even as I write this blog post, my youngest showed up- turned the TV on to Full House (her favorite show) and is sitting next to me sketching.  It’s the simple things…….

(Post Partially Inspired by Today’s Daily Prompt Word: Pause  but mainly inspired by my children)