via Daily Prompt: Champion

Just a few days ago I was cruising through my Instagram feed when I saw this quote that The View had posted.

It said:

A champion is not defined by their wins, but by how they can recover when they fall. ~ Serena Williams

I read it and was like “WOW!” “YES!”

Serena Williams has nailed it. 

This quote can be applied to so many things and naturally- classic over-thinker that I am…. my mind started to wander…..

In life, we all want to be Champions. We all want to succeed. We all want to be people that others want to look up to. We want to be able to say “I DID IT!” and be recognized for our accomplishments.

But let’s face it. 

Reality bites and the truth is we can’t always succeed. We can’t all be ‘the winners’. We can’t all be leaders. We aren’t all going to be famous. We aren’t all going to make millions. We aren’t all going to be or invent the next greatest thing.

We have to take turns – if we are lucky enough to get a turn in the limelight.

Not everything we are going to do in life will be brilliant. It won’t always be some great success. To be a champion in whatever way, shape or form is extremely hard work. It takes guts and determination.

I know a lot of people who like to place the blame. They like to blame the faults of others for their lack of success. It’s always 100% the other person/people and never even a percentage of accountability for themselves, their actions or their choices.

Sometimes I want to shake them and say “You know you have more control in this then you realize? Screw the other person- What can YOU change?” 

I would know- because I can certainly look back and think to times when things really were my fault- just in the moment I wasn’t mature enough or willing to admit let alone realize it. Pride before the fall.

We’ve all done it too at some point. There is no denying that. We’re human. Shit happens.

I’m not trying to be a Negative Nelly- I am just telling the truth as I see it.

Life is a series of decisions and choices. How we learn from our mistakes, how we learn from our failures, how and what we learn from others- that is what defines us more as a success. 

It’s our attitude.

You know, my sixteen year old self naively believed that one day I would be in the movies, taking Hollywood by storm. I loved to act. I was good at it. After Highschool- I didn’t apply myself. I took the easy way- coasting through life- wanting to experience life. I was good enough- when I finally started applying myself to what I really wanted to do in life that I would win and while I knew it would be hard- it would happen for me… because it was ‘ME’….. (Yup I was that big of an egotistical moron) I got pregnant when I was in my early twenties. Life hit me hard. I took my wake up call and rolled with it. In the end I ended up with beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband. Wasn’t my life’s plan- it’s been a rough and sometimes confusing road- but I rolled with it. We have worked hard in many ways to be where we are and who we are now. I wouldn’t change a damn thing. Those kids are my life, they are the loves of my life- and the way I see it- God wanted me in this role. I am not going to say I have been perfect up until this point either. I am far from it. I have made mistakes. I still make mistakes. Got mad/Get mad. Tossed blame here and there- but I also recognize why I am not in Hollywood or on Broadway…or even in commercials or doing community theatre anymore….

I didn’t have the drive.

I didn’t have enough passion.

I was scared of failure.

I chose a different path.

Does this mean I failed?

NO. Not exactly.

I just didn’t hit some flighty dream I had in my youth. (It still stings- I am not that enlightened to say it doesn’t and I am over it -but I deal and I am willing to admit it) 

Am I a Champion? That’s debatable. But I sure as hell am a proud- yet imperfect mother of two who tries on a daily basis to make sure my kids are equipped to deal with life better then I feel I was.

Like they say: Life is about the journey and not about the destination.

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if we could all strive to be the Champion that Serena talks about? The one who can recognize accountability. The one who dusts themselves off and makes the attempt again. The one who learns from their mistakes. The one who can roll with the punches. The one who recovers with grace and dignity. The one who takes the high road and not the low one.

I think it would be.

So wherever you are in your journey- I wish you much success- but I also wish and hope that you can look deep down and realize that you are a champion just for trying.

Authors Note: These are all my thoughts based on my own personal experience- Meant to inspire and provoke thoughts. All opinions are my own and are my interpretation of the quote by Serena Williams. Maybe I got it all wrong- who knows….. Today’s Post Inspired by the Daily Prompt Word: Champion