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I have a confession to make.

If you ask me how old I am- chances are that I will give you the wrong number!

Now this can be for one of several reasons:

  1. I am being a goof and I have more fun lying about my age to mess with you.
  2. I am in a mood and don’t want to admit how old I am.
  3. I have lied about my age so often that I have actually given you the wrong number because I am confused.
  4. I don’t feel my age that day- so I am going to throw out a generic number at you.
  5. I don’t think my age is any of your business so I am going to throw you off.

This has become a complete joke in our house. I no longer celebrate my ‘actual’ age on my birthdays and my husband, kids and friends and family are all in on the joke. Almost every birthday card I have had for the past *mumbles* years has said “Happy ___ Anniversary of the year you turned 25!”

and this is usually what the cake says!

This was taken on my *real* 33rd Birthday a few years ago

It is fun when my husband and I go on our annual vacations. We have met a lot of people who can’t place our ages. We have gone along with the assumption that we are honeymooners (well all these vacations we take together feel like that anyway!) I once had a group of young twenty-somethings not believe for a minute that we had two kids. I actually had to pull out my ID to show them I wasn’t as young as they thought. (They thought I was around their age- How sweet- I am sure it was the alcohol talking!) 

There is a running joke with my friends. When we go to the *LCBO (and while we haven’t been under age since the 90’s) to this day- my friends always get ID’d while we’re buying wine- but I never do. Clearly the implication is that my friends all look under 25- but I don’t?! HOW RUDE! (I know you are reading this and laughing ERIN!)

(**LCBO stands for “Liquor Control Board of Ontario- which is Ontario’s alcoholic beverage retailers for those who are not familiar with the term)

So you can see- in some circumstances people think I am young- and in others they don’t…..

Now do you see why I like messing with people about my age?

Now sometimes I get the odd person that says to me: Why do you lie about your age Irene? What is wrong with getting older? You should be so lucky that you have lived this long- others don’t have that option. Embrace your age!

*Enter eye roll here*

Now- They aren’t ‘wrong’- great points are made- but I really do hate those kinds of comments. They actually grate on my nerves. You know why?


That’s right.

I am having fun with MY life and MY age. I am NOT other people- so I don’t like that kind of comparison to other people and situations. I am ME and one of the ways I celebrate being my crazy. unique self- and embrace the life that I am living is by continuously telling people that I am 25- whether they believe me or not.

I am having fun.

What’s wrong with that?

It’s all about perspective. Some people want to embrace their wrinkles, their age and their station in life and that is fine. They want people know how old they are and show that they have lived. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I want to show people that not only have I lived too but that I can have *my* kind of fun while doing it. I am just doing it in a completely different manner then some. In *my* world and from my perspective- I am celebrating my real age by denying my real age. I take the fact that sometimes the thought I am getting older scares me and I am embellishing on it and making it into something FUN for me. It’s a game. I know that I am more mature, more knowledgeable and have lived. I know that I have earned my age, my wrinkles, my stretchmarks and I do embrace them.

However- haven’t I also earned the right to be who I am inside? 

We need to have fun and there are so many tiny- innocent ways we can inject it into our lives. 

You can’t always take things so seriously or try to dull someone else’s sparkle because you don’t understand them- and that includes when it comes to the topic of one’s age. A line from a movie or TV show is jumping out at me right now (though I can’t name it- maybe you can- I feel like it is Phoebe from FRIENDS) but the character says something like:

“How rude! I would never tell you it was not your birthday!” 

Only the way I want to rewrite it for this situation is:

“How rude! I would never tell you how old you are!”

There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age. ~Sophia Loren
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They say that age is just a number- and that I believe.

I know 40 plus year old’s who haven’t matured past 17.

I know 20-something year old’s who have the wisdom of a 60 year old.

I know 90 year old’s who have the stamina and sharp mind of a 30 year old.

I have a 13 year old daughter who is smarter and wiser then most 20-somethings I know.

( If there is one compliment I get multiple times from anyone who has spent any amount of time with my oldest daughter is that she is an old soul. Most people who have conversed with her have come to me with their jaws on the floor because she can hold a conversation better then most adults.)

There are often times I get myself into situations with this feeling that I am youthful and young again- only to be in the middle of that Everybody Backstreets Back dance to realize I have thrown my back out. (But I will still attempt it at Wedding Receptions- you’d better believe it!)

I also can perform Vanilla Ice Lip Sync’s for a fee- This was taken last year.

I have climbed monkey bars and play-sets at the park with my kids and got stuck attempting to slide down those fire poles- realizing that at my age those things are freaky and a hazard. (So I dangled there while the kids laughed and laughed and my friend snapped a photo…..I haven’t got that photo…but here is one of me playing at a park when I am 30? I remember this photo was snapped while we tried to follow and chase my oldest daughter around, doing what she did……) 

I’m the one wearing the hat & goofy face- the other lady is my best friend.

I have jumped into bouncy castles and on trampolines letting my inner child get out. Only to go grab a stiff drink afterwards because I realize I get winded easier.

I can’t remember what year this was- but I think I was actually 28? 29?

My body likes to remind me of how old I am- I don’t need anyone else to.

That is why I like the denial. It keeps things interesting!

There is a downside to repeatedly denying and lying about your age.

Sometimes it is my kids outing me as a liar -like my daughter did once at her friends birthday party. “HEY! You got 25 dollars??!!! That is funny! My mom is always telling people she is 25 AND SHE’S NOT!”

Or more recently I have actually been caught multiple times admitting my real age- only as it turns out- I am still lying about my age because I am actually aging myself by a year- sometimes two! That always sends my husband into hysterics when he catches me.

I am trying to practice because I will be 40 eventually (though I still have a couple of years) and I have actually made the decision to admit for one full year my real age. I think 40 is the new 25. (At least for 2020 it is) 

Naturally- for all the younger people out there who read this and think “Great! I can justify lying about my age now!” Hold it right there sparky!– I don’t think lying about your age to get you past legal age limits is a good idea. That’s stupid.  It’s wrong and that is NOT the point I am trying to make. I do not endorse any kind of denial and bullshitting that ends you up in trouble. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up. You will be lying about your age soon enough. Enjoy your youth, your freedom and your restrictions while you can- because before you know it- they won’t be IDing you at the Casino and you will be majorly insulted that you look old enough to be playing slot machines and eating from the buffets.

The moral of this story is that sometimes denial can be a good thing.

A fun thing.

You just need to know when it is appropriate to deny things and when it isn’t.

When it comes to your age? Always aim to be younger.

It’s okay to deny it if it makes you happy.

Age is relative.

Age is nothing but a number.

Take this from someone who has been 25 since 2005.

I know of what I speak.


Authors Note: All of these are my own thoughts and opinions mixed in with my personal story. Featured Image is a comparison of my teenaged self against a recent photo of me. All Photographs are mine and are subject to Copyright. ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin

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