This poem has been waiting for the perfect time to be shared and since today’s Daily Prompt is: Heal … It is time to do so!

God Was With Me.

The heaviness suddenly lifts off the shoulders,

No longer my weight to bare.

I didn’t realize it had been that heavy,

For so long it had been there.

Peace wraps around my soul,

To the point it makes me weep.

When for so long I’ve felt so broken,

Having accepted my defeat.

The suns rays shine upon me now,

A brand new day is here!




Erasing all my fear.

These emotions take some getting used to.

Foreign concepts to a broken mind-

Time to focus on my healing,




That darker path I’ve traveled for so long,

Now has a shimmering light!

I’m leaving all that strife behind me now,



I have a goal!

I know,

The road still has many bumps ahead.

That is just a fact of life.


His hand will guide me through it all,

Like it did when day felt like night.

It turns out- I was never alone,

This too has been His fight.

Written By Irene ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin

I sat down and wrote this poem after the colorectal surgeon said he was positive he could help cure my fistula and recurring infections. He has such a great plan in place and after going through this for over a decade and being rejected by other surgeons- I was so ecstatic to find someone who was not only willing to attempt to cure my problem- but who had more then one plan in place and has the skill to safely do it without putting my muscles and bowels in danger.

I was in such a good mood the day I wrote that poem- I still am and I am just over two weeks post surgery.

If you are curious about my illness and healing journey- these two posts will really share with you what I have been dealing with all these years. They are longer reads- so you are warned.

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