As much as I would like to participate in the Daily Prompt today- I am exhausted from lack of sleep and while I have all sorts of ideas, thoughts and opinions on the term “Blindly” I am far too exhausted to write them out into anything coherent.

(Wait- I just used the word ‘coherent’ perhaps my tea is kicking in…..)

I try to make it a habit to write every day. 

It’s part of my routine- a ritual that I take great comfort in- so when I have these days where I want to be clever, thought provoking or creative- it really sucks when my mind is saying “Oh look- something shiny” and I am distracted and can’t focus. Just because I write everyday doesn’t mean I am going to write something good or interesting.

I have a relatively new ritual in my life- it only started last year when I discovered the wondrous world of Netflix.

I know-I know- I am behind on the binge-watching trend compared to most people, but the reality is that I am largely a reader. I am not a habitual television watcher- I am the person that has her nose shoved in a book while the rest of the family watches TV. I can go for months without really caring what is happening in my television shows- when I want I will go read summaries or just wait for the reruns. (The only show I MUST watch is The View- I love that show- minus the season Rosie was on it…..)  Netflix has actually helped me because when I find I can concentrate on anything (Housework, Reading, Writing, Did I mention Housework…..) or when I am ill or exhausted- I pick up the remote and see what my Netflix has to offer. Lately- I have been on a lot of bed rest and needing down time- and while I am coming out of it- I walk on my treadmill now watching my shows to keep my mind occupied as I get some minor fitness in.

Sometimes the choices are far too overwhelming for me.

I approach my Netflix binges the same way I approach my novel reading.

What am I in the mood for? Sci-Fi? Dystopian? Comedy? Drama? Horror? TV series, Netflix Special or Movie?

I can want to watch or read something, but I have to be in the mood for it- otherwise it goes in my ‘Later’ pile for another day.

(Like the TV show Bates Motel- I know I WANT to watch it- I just have no desire to bother right now)

Of course if my brain goes into ‘Too Many Choices” overload- I just take to my Facebook and ask “What do you recommend?” and see if anyone’s suggestions overlap something I am already interested in.

This morning I have already watched two episodes of Community while eating my breakfast and staring at my laptop hoping for writing inspiration. (Or to just wake up so I can do something productive- but it’s Monday- so my hopes aren’t high)

If you haven’t seen Community- I highly recommend it. I can’t believe it took me this long to finally see it. It’s about a study group of misfits at a local community college. The humor is clever, the cast is amazing- and Joel McHale (aka Jeff Winger) is a total babe.

I am already panicking as I am about to finish the 4th Season and then I will have to find a new series to start.

What is this world coming too that we are so concerned about our next binge-watch?

(Sometimes I miss the 1990s- such a simpler time)

Oh well- it is 2017 and times have changed- and while I am not always wasting my time watching television- sometimes I will shrug and hop on board with the masses and see what all the fuss is about (Though I refuse to blindly follow along with a lot of these trends- I will see what is up with something- if I like it that is fine but I always keep my options open- if I don’t like it- I go find something else….) <—– See what I did there? Lamely tied in the prompt! 

We have now reached the point in this pointless post about my favorite Netflix titles:

Some of mine include:

The 100

Grace and Frankie

Shadowhunters- The Mortal Instruments Series 


Mrs Browns Boys


Downton Abbey

The Crown

Making a Murderer

Schitts Creek

The UnBreakable Kimmie Schmidt (which is so awful- it made it even more funny- definitely not for everyone)

Jessica Jones

Full House/Fuller House

I also really love the Jim Gaffigan and Gabriel Iglesias Comedy Specials. 

…….and that is just to name a few….. (I would name more- but I am really half asleep and can’t even figure out half the titles I have watched or attempted to watch)

If you have made it through this completely nonsensical post- I thank you. I can assure you that at some point this week- I hope to have something better posted on here.

I end this blog with a couple of questions:

Do you use Netflix? (Or any streaming service?)

What are some of your favorite shows that you would recommend?

Happy Monday!

Post Not-So-Much Inspired by today’s Daily Prompt word: Blindly