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Today has been a crazy busy ‘creative’ day for me. I have been writing, blogging and painting all morning. There certainly is a bright side to all this ‘resting’ I am supposed to be doing.

More time to play.Β 

More time for self discovery.

Perhaps this whole health ordeal was a stepping stone for me to find myself again. Maybe that was the lesson that the good Lord was trying to get me to learn all these years? To be patient? (I really struggle with patience) That I had to forget who I was to find myself again? To find a better version of me? The timing is finally right for all this to come together?- I’m just speculating (Classic Over-thinker- I know….)

I glanced at a few paintings and art books today and this is was the inspiration that struck. This new hobby of mine continues to be about self discovery. I have discovered that I prefer bright colors and something slightly abstract…… I have discovered that I have unlocked a surprise new talent…. I have discovered that this art has been a form of therapy in my life- it relaxes me and distracts me from my thoughts. I have also discovered that I make less mistakes when I am completely exhausted- which is weird. It is like my shields are down and I am just going with the flow and not caring- which results in a better painting…..? (At least in my mind) I have discovered that there are people out there who actually enjoy waiting for me to post my paintings on my social media- some who have actually requested some for their own walls! How flattering is that???!

Today I am completely exhausted after wearing myself out the last few days (It doesn’t help I didn’t sleep last night again)

I knew I felt like painting something- I just said “Whatever” – Looked at a picture of cardinal, remembered techniques and images that I had looked at earlier – all that in mind-I sketched the beak and the eye. I know that I prefer bright abstract animals and have had success with my peacock, owl and lion- so I decided to play and see what I could do with a cardinal.

This is what my painting looked like at the very start.


And this is the the final painting!


I am quite pleased with the result! I think this one will join my Umbrella one on the wall.

If there is something you can take away from all my art adventures- it’s the same thing I say almost every time I show one of my paintings here on my blog and that is: Step outside your comfort zone and try something new! You never know what you can accomplish if you don’t try!

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