I love to write.

If you follow me and read my blog let’s face it- the above declaration is such an obvious statement! Of course I like to write! I have been coming up with stories ever since I was a little girl figuring out how to string a sentence together.

Once upon a time, when I was in elementary school- I was lucky enough to get sent to the Authors Conference for my book “RumpleSlugsSkin” (My childlike twist on the classic fairy tale Rumplestiltskin- which I still have somewhere in my possessions…..)  I also got to meet with authors and illustrators who told me to ‘Keep It Up!’ (I know- they say that to everyone…..) I didn’t write too much in high school unless it was for school assignments, but my love of creating continued and occasionally I would just sit and write in one of my notepads whether it was song lyrics (I have this talent for turning songs into parody’s) – the beginnings of a novel, a poem or a short story.

For the past several years I have been writing novels and crafting short stories in my spare time. This has developed into a habit that I try to spend time every day on. I am being encouraged by family and friends who have read my work to keep it up and see where it takes me.

Just the other day my husband said “Why haven’t you published anything yet? I haven’t seen any of your novels in Chapters!!” to which I responded “How would you know? You never go into Chapters unless I drag you!” – He is a non-reader- opposites do attract!

As you can see by reading my blog- Occasionally the daily prompts to inspire something off the top of my head that isn’t always a personal essay.  (You can click on my ‘Story’ link on the side bar to take you to some of my ‘Off the top of my head’ poems and short stories) There have been a few times where I have been so inspired by a daily word prompt- that the short story has escalated into something longer and more complicated…… so off my WordPress it comes and into my document folders it goes…..waiting to be completed and shared…..

I have so many stories and unfinished novels just waiting for completion, hopefully to be read one day by someone….anyone….. I have had great feedback and input from the friends who I have let read my work- and it is encouraging. Their support certainly gives me the strength to want to branch out and share my work with more people-however I would also appreciate the feedback of strangers- those who do not know me personally- so I guess that is why I want to dip my toes in with Wattpad and see where it takes me.

It’s no secret that I have dreams of one day publishing a novel I have written. I’m a bit shy though- slowly with the help of this blog I am coming out of my shell. I know most people have goals that they are going to make some best sellers list and the book will become a movie and they are the next J.K Rowling etc…. but honestly- If even a few people read my stories and like them, even if I have just ONE novel published- I will be happy just to say that I accomplished a goal and fulfilled a dream. I just like to see what I can do and go from there.

I know that a lot of writers, aspiring authors and such use the site Wattpad to publish and share their work. I signed up for it a couple of months ago- but I will admit I still haven’t used it- I like to figure out the gist of a site and what I am doing before I jump in. I know a lot of people use their WordPress account to publish their works- but I would like to go a bit beyond that and post my longer stories to Wattpad and keep TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin for continuing to blog, inspire, rant and share.

I am hoping by using Wattpad, that it may encourage and challenge me to finish some of my work- as sometimes I do find myself overwhelmed with the devil sitting on my shoulder whispering “This is crap writing- so why bother?” (Don’t worry- I like to flick him off)

It’s Question Time!

I am looking for writers who have used Wattpad: Any tips to share with a newbie? What are your thoughts on the site?

If you are an author, whether you have used Wattpad or not-I have some questions: What has your journey been like as an author? Are you ‘aspiring’? Are you published either via the traditional route or through self publishing? Do you have any editing services you can recommend? What is your favorite piece of advice to give based on your experience as an author?

I already follow a few authors who blog their writing journey- but I would always love to hear from more of you- so please feel free to answer my questions in the comments and leave links to your blog so I can look around at any tips and topics on the subject and give a follow.

Thank you to those who take the time to read anything that I have written- and to those who take time to respond to my questions in the comments!