For What It’s Worth

I am me.

You are you.

Your yardstick is imaginary.

Your comparisons are in your head.

Don’t worry about me being me.

Focus on you instead.

We will never be the same person.

We aren’t supposed to be.

I am me.

You are you.

What is it that you can’t see?

The roads we travel are different.

Our interests not even the same.

So why pull out a yardstick?

To measure, compare and blame?

Learning from others is different-

We can learn from others for sure!

But to measure ourselves completely?

That is a curse -not a cure.

Love who you are inside.

Know your worth.

Be yourself.

Let’s not play.

Because I am me,

and you are you!

There’s no way to compare,


-Written by Irene ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin

Authors Note: It’s not just events in my own life through the years that inspired this poem today- it is a lesson that I constantly teach and discuss with my kids. I want my children to be as secure in who they are as people. I continuously teach them to be themselves, that is okay that if we don’t fit in or if our friends like something that we don’t. That using these imaginary yardsticks against others isn’t healthy no matter what age we are.

Always be yourself.

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