via Daily Prompt: Cranky

Of all the prompts to show up….. the word “Cranky” should really inspire me. Cranky is one thing I do well (Just ask my family!) Especially in the mornings if I haven’t slept well….like last night! (Is it really too much for me to ask for a full nights sleep for once??!!-The answer is yes…yes it is…)

Of course as I sit here drinking my tea, typing away at the keyboard- I am completely uninspired and it is starting to bother me.

Why can’t I come up with something great for this topic?

Should I write a poem?

I did that yesterday.

Do I have any clever stories about my cranky ass to share?

I SHOULD- but it’s not like they are making themselves known right now. Perhaps I need more tea. (Oh look- no tea- I drank it all…..GREAT!)

Should I tell you all about how it is my goal in life to be the cranky old lady on the street who sits on her porch drinking champagne, wearing elaborate evening gowns and chasing kids off her property with a broom? (….it’s good to have goals…..)

Should I write a small short story or essay on people who are irritable? 

Crack a joke?

Find some quote?

Post a meme?

Nothing is flowing today. except a stream of curse words as I type, because this whole blog is pure rubbish now…..


Just great!

It looks like I am truly over-thinking this one and writing wise- today is just not my day. Maybe I should just avoid pulling my paints out too because clearly my creative side didn’t get out of bed with me this morning. Feckin’ Mornings….

I am going to go make myself another cup of tea and glare at my keyboard for awhile. Maybe eventually something in my brain will click and I will be able to get my creative juices flowing. (Highly unlikely- I have other things that need done today- you would think that the damn laundry would learn to fold itself!)

This whole prompt has left me uninspired and feeling……..well……Cranky.

I love how this old photo of me really fits with today’s theme.


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