It can hit at any time.

Perhaps through a dream, a song, a sound….. 

An old photograph- that unlocks a story in your mind.

A pallet of paint, rich with colors, which inspires you to spread it across a canvas.

Or there is a person you admire- who you want the world to know about; so they become a subject, a character- immortalized through writing, photo or paints…..

An incident that replays in your mind- the only way to get past it is to put it on paper, turning your troubles into a written form of art.

From the depths of your mind channeled through your fingertips a creation is born…… and all it took was one jolt of inspiration to hit.

Creative people are fascinating no matter their medium. When are you watching them act, reading their work, taking in a painting or a photograph, listening to a song or a simple melody- whether you are aware of this or not- you are making a connection with their inner most thoughts and ideas.

It can be a completely raw and nerve-wracking experience for some to let people into their minds and yet to others the experience of creating and sharing is like a drug. To those people it’s euphoric.

Whether you succeed or whether you fail- the fact that you can turn something birthed from the imagination into something uniquely from you and have the guts to share it with the world? That is what matters. It should never be about the accolades or potential fame- it should be about how you did something to express yourself.

Keep on being inspired.

Keep on with your creations.

Post Inspired by Today’s Daily Prompt: Jolt

Featured Photograph by Irene ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin