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Have you ever stepped outside your comfort zone? Or do you continuously play it safe?

I am sure I have mentioned this before:

I hate heights.

The only thing involving heights that I actually like is roller coaster rides and even then it is because I like the rush of speeding up and down around a track.

Ferris Wheels make me nervous.

I am uncomfortable on airplanes.

I freak out on cliff edges.

I have panicked on roads where there is a steep drop just off the shoulder.

I became extremely dizzy visiting the Grand Canyon.

I once lived on the 7th floor of an apartment building and barely went out onto the balcony.

I have stood at the bottom of the C.N. Tower- and while I have been on that site many times- I have never gone up.

I try not to put myself in situations that I know will lead to a panic attack.

Just a few years ago however, I decided to surprise my husband by saying:

“I want to try zip-lining!”

He was shocked. It is something he had always wanted to try- but not something he would bring up as a mutual activity given my adverse reaction to heights.

He kept asking:

“Are you sure?”

“Yup- but you had better take advantage of this before the offer expires!”

We were on vacation in the Dominican Republic and so we signed up for a tour that took us to a place that had a zip line. He was skeptical I was going to follow through- but we went anyway. At this point I was determined not to chicken out. After all- It was a ‘smaller’ zip line then others. It was high but it could have been worse…..

I was trying to convince myself that it was just like a roller coaster. I could manage this….. after all there was some ten year old kid heading up the tower and that child was NOT going to show me up!!! (Game on kid! Game ON!)


This picture makes me laugh!

 As we suited up- I was fine. 

As we marched toward the tower we needed to climb- I was fine.

As we started climbing the stairs of the tower- My knees started wobbling, my heart started pounding and I kept telling myself ‘don’t look down’. 

I was shaking the higher we climbed. At one point I thought I may pass out- but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I was determined.


At the top- they decided to let me go first. Hubby wanted to video tape me as proof to people that I actually went through with it! (Though I think he wanted me to go first so he could make sure I wouldn’t chicken out)

The man gave me my instructions as he hooked me up to the zip-line- I was terrified I was going to forget what he said, I can blank out when I am nervous so I kept parroting what he said back to him. My voice was shaking. I was a bit light headed and I was trying so hard not to look down. IMG_4374

This zip line took you on three separate cables- each tower gets smaller until you finally soar back to earth.

I let go and zipped off to the next tower.


It was such an exhilarating feeling- flying through the air- taking in the scenery. As I flew down the line- the only thing I was nervous about was stopping, however I did that quite well- and the men who caught me on the second tower sang my praises as they unhooked me from the first line and strapped me to the second. I couldn’t wait to zip again.

When I finally completed all the lines- Truth be told- I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t go up the first tower and go another round!

Take that kiddo!

I haven’t been zip lining since- though I do want to go again! I have my eye on a few zip line adventures! We just have to wait for the perfect time to go! (….and for me to recharge my courage!)

The moral of this story: Don’t place yourself in a box! I am constantly attempting things outside my comfort zone. I turn my ‘facing my fears’ into lessons for my children to show they can overcome things.

I will admit- I still don’t like heights. I still react the same way- but I know that with a bit of determination- I can overcome my fear in the moment- it may not completely erase the fear but it does make the monster that much smaller.

Maybe one of these days I will finally make it up the C.N. Tower….. but let me make it clear……I am NOT doing the Edge Walk. (I may like to face my fears from time to time but I have to draw the line somewhere!)

What fears have you conquered?

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