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The Gray

It was a fog.

A thick, gray fog that wound it’s way into her mind.

Slowing her down,

Zapping her creativity,

Impacting her mood.

She wanted to fight it,

Had to fight it……


It made her so tired.

There was no energy to fight,

No energy to care.

And no one noticed.

No one noticed her silence.

No one noticed her struggle.

No one noticed her.

No one knew of the Fog.

Days went by.

Weight was lost.

Circles formed beneath her eyes.

Sleep was the only cure.

Friends didn’t understand,

Didn’t want to understand.

They left.

She was no longer fun.

She had become an empty shell of who she once was,

Or had she?

Deep down this wasn’t who she was…..

She focused on that.

A feeling started to brew beneath her chest.


A touch of motivation?

It was just enough to make her get out of bed.

It was just enough to make her ask for help.

The more she fought,

The more the fog tried to trick her,

Confuse her.

She wasn’t having any of it.

She pushed back with what little energy she had.

She talked with doctors,

She made peace with herself,

She knew the fog was not her fault.

Soon the fog began to thin,

Sunlight filtered through her mind,

A glow returned to her skin,

Fiery gleam into her eyes,

She had come through the fog,



Stronger then ever.

She was reborn.

Written by Irene ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin

Authors Note: I have written several personal blogs, stories and poems on depression. Please feel free to check them out by using the category cloud on the side bar. Lets continue to work together to keep erasing the stigma that surrounds mental illness. 

Post Inspired by Today’s Daily Prompt: Gray