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My loyal followers will have noticed that I am not blogging as much in the past two weeks. It’s been quite a time lately- it seems like it’s just one thing after another lately. One of which was that Strep Throat recently moved into our house and got a hold of my kids. I am also trying to make sure that I don’t become a strep throat victim (though let me tell you in the past 48 hours my throat has become suspiciously sore)

Even with everything that has been going on in my life lately, I am still trying to redevelop a routine.

Life can try to kick me while I am down- but if life wants to fight- I’m throwing a couple of punches back!

Have you ever done this? 

Have you ever just decided to shake things up in your life and establish new routines?

I feel like I am constantly ‘starting over’ with something in the past couple of years. 

I have worked hard this past week to shake everything negative off and put the energy I usually reserve for my overthinking and moping into something productive.

I started wearing my FitBit again.

I pulled out my trusty FitBit, dusted it off so I could watch my activity level. I was discouraged to see how little I was actually doing (when my body felt like I had been running a marathon) but every day I have managed to add more and more steps to the count.

I have restarted meal plans.

I have made plans to go back to a more ‘clean eating’ diet, where I bake my bread, re-invent our favorite restaurant meals in our home with fresh ingredients, find new recipes to try and of course it is BBQ season- so I am hunting down new recipes to try. (I may even have to add my cooking/baking adventures as a blog category- we shall see!) It feels good to start getting back into my old ways. It is long overdue!

I have started investing time in more physical activity.

I’m approx. 6 weeks post-op (I am losing track of time) and I am as ‘healed’ as I am going to get at this point until my next surgery (Which is being scheduled for sometime in the summer)– I just visited with my surgeon who told me that if my body isn’t hurting when I attempt something- he encourages full work outs again!! I am so happy- I have been quite antsy lately and I am looking forward to working up a sweat whether I am doing some PiYo or dancing to my Zumba! Walking on my treadmill is fun- but I need more than a leisurely stroll while watching Netflix!

I am venturing outdoors more.

I know I have been walking a lot on my treadmill (Which I LOVE) but lately I am using the dog as an excuse to get outside more. I have been taking advantage of my dogs boundless energy and the beautiful weather and have resumed our morning walks. Our walks are small right now- he’s a bit of a nut-job to walk (He’s a boxer that prancers around like a deer or tries to walk ME!) but we are taking it slow. So far so good. I think my daughter thinks this means that she can escape walking him now- but the jokes on her- the dog can go longer then the energizer bunny- she still has to walk him!

Remember this photo from one of the Otis stories?;)

I am Spring Cleaning.

My house looks like a bomb went off in it and today I am rushing to put it back together (So why am I on here blogging? It’s called a ‘lunch break’!)

While dealing with the strep throat nightmare- I have been putting extra effort into cleaning trying to erase the germs- which has somehow led to a Spring Cleaning explosion around our house. (Whoops!)

Does this happen to you? I start cleaning one thing- only to end up pulling things apart to clean deeper- then I have to run off and do something else, then I end up needing to deal with another thing, so I eventually run back to the original task but then the kids have messed up something that needs immediate attention and now I have to clean that while I am chasing them back to their beds…. or I am having to make sure the dog isn’t getting into stuff…..Long story short before I knew it my house was a disaster……which is the complete opposite of what I had meant to happen!!!

Today is putting the puzzle back together before my husband comes home and says “WHAT THE……??”

(He’s been gone for two weeks!)

Wait until he see’s the Dory bathroom…. Which actually it just dawned on me as I write this… I have that Beauty and the Beast display in our entry way and now I turned our kids bathroom into a ‘Dory’ themed bathroom to cheer them up. Disney is slowing taking over the house? WHAT is happening to me???? What’s next? I turn the guest bedroom into an Ode to the Lion King?? img_3691

I digress…..

I have been a busy bee this week and it feels great….. but honestly? Thank God it is Friday because with all that has been going on, I am completely knackered!

Fingers crossed I will get this house back in order, get my oldest back to school, figure out where to put what activity during the day so I can return to regular blogging/writing soon!

(Thank you for your patience as I find a new norm!)

Wish me Luck!

**In the meantime- if you are new to my blog- Feel free to check out some of my older posts- there are some good ones to be read- just pick a category! 😉

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