via Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

I am blessed to have been raised in a family that travels and even more so to have married someone who also has wanderlust.

Growing up- I was always told that it was okay to miss school if we were going on vacation because ‘to travel is to learn’ and to this day- this is a philosophy that I wholeheartedly agree with (even though my husband and I do not see eye to eye on this when it comes to raising our kids…..)

While I haven’t trotted all over the world- I have been fortunate enough to experience several countries, places and even a few wonders of the world firsthand.

It was extremely hard picking a photo for this challenge- I have so many beautiful ones to share.

This particular photo is one that I took while in Germany, vacationing in the Mosel river region when we ventured over to Burg Eltz (Which is located between Trier and Koblenz-also beautiful cities you must visit!) It wasn’t far from Kattenes, a quaint village that we called home for a week.

I remember rounding the corner, walking along the road/path from the parking area to the castle and I literally stopped in my tracks at the beauty of the castle nestled in the valley. I could have stayed there taking in that view for days. I have visited many castles over the years- and this one had one of the most magical feelings about it.

This photo may be beautiful- but let me tell you- it is nothing compared to the real world version.

If you visit Germany- you MUST add traveling through the Mosel region to your list and you must certainly visit Burg Eltz and see it for yourself!

Image ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin

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