After seeing my painting attempts, I have had a few people say to me: “Wow, is there anything you can’t do?”


Yes there is.

A few things in fact.

A few years ago– I decided that I was going to learn to hand/arm knit. Regular knitting just isn’t my thing, but I thought I would try hand-knitting because it looked really cool (and easy……) I watched a bunch of you-tube tutorials with my daughter and we went out and purchased some Yarn– mine a bright red (as that is my signature color) and hers a lovely shade of green.

We sat in my room, chatting, laughing and watching videos. We followed the tutorial as it showed us how to loop the yarn so we could get our new projects underway (A simple cowl scarf)

I told my daughter: “Don’t worry- when I get the hang of it I will be able to help you!” 

I’m not going to drag this out.

I sucked.

I sucked hard.

My daughter however, caught on extremely quickly. IMG_4406

By the time she was finished her scarf- I was tangled in red, cursing and on the verge of throwing a temper-tantrum. I could not for the life of me figure out how to loop, swoop and create a scarf.

Clearly, my talents do not lie in any form of knitting. 

“Don’t worry Mom! I will show you how to do it!”


Role Reversal! My daughter stepped in and was able to help ME.

Thanks to her, I eventually had a rhythm going and was able to knit the scarf.

It wasn’t attractive or wearable by any means- but at least I followed through and finished it before accepting the fact that I had no brilliant hand knitting skills.

To this day, my daughter makes these types of scarves.

Me? Oh no. There will be no more attempts. I would normally encourage people in these circumstances to try again- but taking the advice for myself is a bit different. I will admit defeat and stick with things I am good at.

After learning the hard way- I just let other people knit me pretty things (Like my daughter or my friends who have small businesses I support)

Hand knitting made me cranky, mad and showed me that yes- I can do something if I follow through- but it’s just not my thing and the yarn is safer if I just back away slowly and leave it to the professionals.

“Knit One, Purl One- Irene + Yarn is not fun!”

Today’s Post inspired by: Daily Prompt: Yarn

All Images ©TheyOnceCalledHerPumpkin